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Lukas Jonkers



Micropaleontology - Paleoceanography


+49 421 218-65973



MARUM II / 2010

Lukas Jonkers

My research combines observations of modern biological and oceanographic processes with reconstructions of past climate. An important focus of my research is the ecology and geochemistry of modern planktonic foraminifera. Biological processes leave a large imprint of the climate signal preserved in the fossil shells of planktonic foraminifera. I use sediment traps and plankton tows to investigate the influence of ecology (depth and seasonal habitat variability, calcification mechanisms) with the aim to separate the biological and climatic signals preserved in planktonic foraminiferal shells in order to improve quantitative climate reconstructions. I combine the generation of new data with synthesis and meta-analysis and advocate open science.



Please see my Google Scholar page.