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Dr. Jorge Bernales



Geosystem Modeling


+49 421 218-65434



GEO, 5410

Jorge Bernales

Current Project

MAGIC-DML: Mapping, Measuring and Modeling Antarctic Geomorphology and Ice Change, in Dronning Maud Land

MAGIC-DML is an International Research Collaboration with Scientists in Sweden, USA, Norway, UK and Germany.The focus of our work is to reconstruct the long-term pattern and timing of ice-surface elevation changes across the Droning Maud land in the East Antarctic ice sheet since the mid-pliocene warm period.This will be accomplished by merging direct evidence from glacial geomorphology, geochronology and climate proxy records with numerical ice sheet simulation and climate models.

In essence, we are using the nunataks (exposed, often rocky elements of a mountain or peak not covered with ice) as 'dip-sticks' to study how the ice sheet has thinned in response to changes in the climate.


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