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Victoria Gerrlich


Marine Environmental Technology and Deep-Sea Engineering


+49 421 218-65546



Pavillon, R1020

Education & Career

since Fe­bru­ary 2021 MARUM- University Bremen

Research Assistant

Project TRIPLE-MoDo

  • Development of a Soft Robotic Docking concept
  • Mechanical development & construction
2018- 2019 Volocopter GmbH, Bruchsal Flight Test Engineer
2015- 2017 University of the West of England


Master Aerospace Engineering (systems)

2013- 2016 University of Applied Sciences, Osnabrueck


Bachelor Aircraft & Flight Engineering


TRIPLE-Technologies for Rapid Ice Penetration and Subglacial Lake Exploration

The TRIPLE-MoDo project is one of several projects within the overarching TRIPLE project line of DLR Space Management (German Aerospace center).

The aim of the project line is to develop an intelligent exploration system suitable for conducting scientific observations in waters under ice.

The projected system consists of a fully autonomous miniature submersible robot (a so-called nanoAUV), a semi-autonomous melting probe that melts into the ice layer and transports the AUV through it, and an astrobiological laboratory (AstroBioLab) for examining liquid and sediment samples. The melting probe also serves as a fixed underwater station for the robot to exchange data and energy.