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North Sea Island Helgoland

The Lange Anna, a 48 meters high surf pillar.
T. Bickert/MARUM
Torsten Bickert, MARUM, University of Bremen
21 August 2022

In a day trip it is of­fe­red to vi­sit the ro­cky is­land of Hel­go­land. Si­tua­ted on the NE flank of a salt dome of Zech­stein eva­po­ri­tes, the main is­land to­ge­ther with its smal­ler part, the Dune, al­lows to stu­dy the Me­so­zoic to Qua­tern­ary se­di­men­ta­ry and struc­tu­ral de­ve­lop­ment of the SE North Sea re­gi­on. A re­view on his­to­ric stu­dies com­bi­ned with new as­pects on the fa­cies and mi­ne­ra­lo­gy of Bunt­sand­stein de­po­sits will be pre­sen­ted on the fa­mous wes­tern cliff of Hel­go­land towards the Lan­ge Anna, com­ple­men­ted by a short in­spec­tion of the mi­ne­ral and fos­sil collec­tions of the lo­cal mu­se­um. The field trip co­vers in par­ti­cu­lar
  • the sedimentology, facies and lithostratigraphy of the Buntsandstein deposits
  • copper mineralisation and mining on the island
  • structural features associated with salt tectonics, embedded in the structural development of the SE North Sea
  • erosion, coastal morphology, war damages, actual problems of island protection
Sche­du­le of the day:
08:30 bus trans­fer to Cux­ha­ven, start: MARUM, Uni­ver­si­ty of Bre­men, Leo­ben­er­str. 8., 28359 Bre­men
10:15 fer­ry to Hel­go­land, on board in­tro­duc­tion to the geo­lo­gy and his­to­ry of Hel­go­land
12:45 field trip to the wes­tern cliff of Hel­go­land
14:30 sce­nic walk on the up­per pla­teau, youn­ger his­to­ry of the is­land
15:00 vi­sit of mi­ne­ral and fos­sil collec­tions of the lo­cal mu­se­um
16:15 re­turn to Cux­ha­ven
19:30 ar­ri­val in Bre­men
Num­ber of par­ti­ci­pants 24

Costs incl. bus transfer, ferry, and lunch EUR 100,-