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Keynote Speakers

Three keynote speakers will give 30 min long presentations to give a deeper insight of bedform dynamics from different perspectives.

Prof Dr Cheng Heqin

Professor Heqin carries out research in the fields of estuarine and coastal morphodynamics, integrated coastal zone management, and global change at the coast. She has a deep knowledge of estuarine sedimentation, especially in the Yangtze River, and how anthropogenic drivers may affect sediment dynamics and bed morphology. She has carried out numerous field work to measure bathymetry, flow, and sediment properties in rivers and estuaries. Her keynote will focus on dune dynamics in gravel, sand and coarse silt derived from field data in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

Assoc Prof Dr Pieter C. Roos

Associate Professor Roos has expertise in coastal and offshore morphodynamics, with a specific focus on tidal dynamics, large-scale seabed patterns (tidal sandbanks and sandwaves) in relation to human activities and climate change. By developing and applying idealised process-based modelling tools, both analytical and numerical, he aims to better understand these complex systems. During his keynote, Roos will discuss the role of sandwave dynamics in relation to, e.g., nautical charting and dredging, topics he encounters as project leader of the so-called SMARTSEA project.

Prof Dr Dan Parsons

Professor Parsons is an active researcher in areas related to fluvial, estuarine, coastal and deep marine sedimentary environments, exploring responses of these systems to climate and environmental change. He has contributed to the understanding of bedforms, their morphodynamics and their geological imprints through numerous studies utilising a combination of field work, laboratory experiments and numerical modelling. In 2010 Parsons was awarded the Gordon Warwick Medal by the British Society for Geomorphology and was bestowed the 2016 Bigsby Medal by the Geological Society of London. He is also president-elect of the Geomorphology Division of the EGU. Parsons is leading the UBED, bedforms in unsteady flows project and holds an ERC Consolidator exploring the impact of cohesivity on sedimentary systems. His keynote will focus on laboratory-approaches to better estimate the interactions of bedform dynamics and evolving flow.