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Prof. Christian Hallmann

Research Staff


Max Planck Research Group Organic paleobiochemistry


+49 421 218-65820



IW-3, Raum 1300

Christian Hallmann
Feulner G*, Hallmann C*, Kienert H (2015) Snowball cooling after algal rise. Nature Geoscience 8: 659–662. Link

French K*, Hallmann C, Hope J, Schoon PL, Zumberge JA, Hoshino Y, Peters CA, George SC, Love GD, Brocks JJ, Buick R, Summons RE (2015) Reappraisal of hydrocarbon biomarkers in Archean rocks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 112: 5915–5920. Link

Hallmann C*, Summons RE (2014) Paleobiological clues to early atmospheric evolution. In: Canfield D, Kasting J, Farquhar J (Eds) Treatise on geochemistry 2nd Ed., Vol. 6: The atmosphere – History Elsevier. pp 139–155. Link

Hallmann C*, Schwark L, Grice K (2008) Community dynamics of anaerobic bacteria in deep petroleum reservoirs. Nature Geoscience 1, 588–591. Link