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Martin Krogmann


Science Support


+49 421 218-65691



MARUM I, 0030

Martin Krogmann
If you need a new phone, a new phone number or if you want to change your room with your phone you are going to meet me. I am also in charge if you need a new doorplate. Just step by or send me an email.

I am working as geological preparator of the Geosciences Collection since 2001. My task includes the technical care and to create an inventory of the collection. I take care about the proper handling, storage and conservation of geological specimens.

Lately I work intensively about the presentation of photographs of fossils, stereoscopic photography and 3D-modelling. In case of the latter we are using photogrammetry to generate precise 3D-models of any geological specimen. These models can be measured and easily shared with other institutions and scientists around the world. 3D-printing might produce copies of the specimens.
My main task is the preparation of fossils. Preparation of material for research and presentation is done in a state of the art preparation lab. A variety of air-driven chisels, rotary tools and two fine sandblasting machines are available.