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Dr. Tilmann Schwenk


+49 421 218-65375


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GEO II, 4570

Tilmann Schwenk
Scientific focus:
My scientific interest is the use of high-resolution multichannel seismics, sediment echosounding and swath-sounding systems to study sedimentation and transport processes on continental shelves and slopes as well as in lakes with a special focus on:


-Channel-levee systems

-Submarine deltas

-Source to sink transport pathways

-IODP and ICDP pre-site surveys

Recent research areas:

-Continental slope off northern Argentina/Uruguay

-Brazilian Shelf

-Galician margin (NW-Spain)

-Bengal Basin (subaerial delta, submarine delta, shelf canyon "Swatch of No Ground", Bengal Fan)

-Continental slope off NW Africa

-Lake Ohrid (Macedonia)