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The climate of central Europe under the control of the North Atlantic during the last 60.000 years

Jul 4, 2022, 12:15 Uhr
MARUM 2070

Frank Sirocko

University of Mainz

The talk presents time series from Maar Lakes in the Eifel/Germany spanning the last 60.000 years. Organic carbon in these varved lake sediments document all Greenland/North Atlantic interstadials in annual resolution. The climate/paleoweather record show oscillations different between stadials and interstadials, pollen reveal  associated vegetation changes. Flood events occurred mainly during statdials, in particular during Heinrich Event times, when vegetation was almost absent.  Dust deposition into these maar lakes occurred only during stadials and intensified at 32,000 , 26,000 and 23,000 yr b2k into the LGM when it  reveals cycles around 10-20 years, alternating with cycles at 60-100 years. Potential forcing from external and internal processes for these changes in the central European Paleoweather will be discussed.

Frank Sirocko
Frank Sirocko