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FAIR Scientific Information with the Open Research Knowledge Graph

Oct 9, 2023
MARUM Seminar
MARUM seminar room 2070

Dr. Markus Stocker

TIB – Leibniz-Informationszentrum Technik und Naturwissenschaften und Universitätsbibliothek

FAIR Scientific Information with the Open Research Knowledge GraphScientific information remains locked in narrative text documents. With inadequate machine support, the reuse of information published in articles, e.g. in synthesis research, is thus error prone and time consuming. The Open Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG) is an infrastructure for the production, curation, publication and use of FAIR scientific information. Its mission is to shape a future scholarly publishing and communication where the contents of scholarly articles are FAIR research data. We will briefly present the ORKG and focus on the born-reusable approach to FAIR scientific information production – an approach that integrates FAIR information production into data analysis. One objective of the discussion is to estimate the popularity of R and Python computing environments at MARUM and with this the suitability of the research faculty in a possible future case study.

Markus Stocker
Markus Stocker