Offshore core curation and measurements

Mission specific platforms are normally not equipped with laboratory facilities as known from bigger IODP drilling vessels. However, ephemeral properties (i.e. measurements that need to be taken shortly after the core is collected) and proper sample and core archiving will be taken care off.
As participating scientist please make sure that you indicate any equipment and consumables you intend to use during the offshore phase of the expedition as early as possible, preferentially already in your sample request.

Above: DP Hunter during Exp. 310 Tahiti Sea-Level

Above: L/B Kayd during Exp. 313 New Jersey Shallow Shelf.

Above: RRS James Cook at the Southampton port call for IODP Exp. 357 (Atlantis Massif - Serpentinization and Life) (photo credit: Yuki Morono ECORD/IODP)

Above: Vidar Viking during Exp. 302 ACEX

Above: Drill floor onboard Greatship Maya during Exp. 325 (Great Barrier Reef)

Above: Greatship Manisha at the Kiel portcall for IODP Exp. 347 (Baltic Sea Paleoenvironment)

Core receiption onboard RRS James Cook (IODP Exp. 357) (photo credit: Carol Cotterill ECORD/IODP)

Above: Core receiption onboard RRS James Cook (IODP Exp. 357, Atlantis Massif - Serpentinization and Life, photo credit Carol Cotterill ECORD/IODP)