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Marine Sedimentation Systems

PD Dr. habil. Till J.J. Hanebuth

Mission statement

The sedimentary histories of coasts, shelves and continental slopes are dynamically linked to each other due to their adjacency along the general material pathway from land to ocean. Our research focuses on the external forces and internal processes which have control on transport modes, patterns of deposition, and residence times in each of these marginal-marine sedimentation systems, and aims to identify coupling mechanisms between them.

Research foci

  1. Shallow-water sediment transport processes, environmental changes, and facies models
  2. Sea-level history, evolution of shorelines and deltas
  3. Depositional source-to-sink linkages, quantification of processes, budget calculations
  4. Paleoceanographic and climatic forcing in sedimentary systems
  5. Development of confined depocenters, use as environmental archives, process-based modelling of formation conditions
  6. Deposition at continental slopes driven by gravity-driven and contour-parallel currents
  7. Stratigraphy and architecture of continental margins

Research Projects

MARUM research projects
MARUM SD1Climatic control on large-scale sedimentary structures
MARUM SD2From small-scale morphological and sedimentological features to coast and shelf systems

International research projects
CORIBARIce Dynamics and Meltwater Deposits: Coring in the Kveithola Trough, NW Barents Sea
SAMSECThe South-Eastern South American Continental Shelf: Reconstructing Environmental and Climatic Changes
INQUA International Focus GroupRapid Environmental Changes and Human Impact on Continental Shelves

Recently accomplished projects
DFG project MekongReconstruction of the coastline position and palaeo-environmental conditions in the Mekong River Delta in relation to early human settling and industrial salt production.
DFG project BangladeshAssessing the recent subsidence of the central coastal delta of Bangladesh by dating sub-merged kiln.


Till J.J. HanebuthHead of group+01-843-349-2735thanebuth(at)marum.de
Wenyan ZhangPostdoc+49-(0)421-218-65952wzhang(at)marum.de
Ferdinand K. OberlePh.D. student+49-(0)421-218-65952foberle(at)marum.de
Antonia L. HofmannM.Sc. GeosciencesContourite deposition off NW Spain
Roshan ZidanMaster studentThe effect of bottom trawling on the inner-shelf seabed
Marina GraveMaster studentA shallow-water contouriteinside the Kveithola Trough
Hannes Mersmeyer, M.Sc.Spätpleistozäne Stratigraphie des Mauretanischen Schelfs und Material-Budgetierung2012
Alexander Petrovic, M.Sc.Characterization of sedimentary processes at the lower Galician slope and in the marginal basin2012
Vera B. Bender, Ph.D.Processes linking the shelf and slope sedimentary systems2012
Ulrike Proske, Ph.D.Environmental development of the Late Holocene Mekong River Delta2010
Jean Nizou, Ph.D.A multi-proxy approach on the Senegalese mud belt2009
Hendrik Lantzsch, Ph.D.Evolution of the NW Iberian continental shelf2009
Lars Max, M.Sc.The evolution of the Timiris mud wedge off Mauritania and its potential as climate archive2008
Hannes Riepshoff, M.Sc.Spätpleistzäne Sturm- und Küstenablagerungen auf dem Nordwestiberischen Schelf2007
Ulrike Proske, M.Sc.Holocene sedimentation in the Banc d’Arguin, Mauritania2006
Ferdinand Oberle, M.Sc.Tropical coastal wetlands: A paleo-environmental reconstruction in the NE-Mekong Delta, Vietnam2004
Sünje Dallmeier-Thiessen, M.Sc.Reconstruction of a basin-wide turbidite event, Agadir Basin, Eastern Atlantic2004
External advision
Renata NagaiIO/Univ. Sao Paulo (Prof. M. Michaelovitch de Mahiques)
Laura PerezUniv. Montevideo (Prof. F. García Rodríguez)
Anxo MenaUniv. Vigo (Prof. G. Francés Pedraz)


North America
South America

We would like to thank VT Explorer for their high quality AIS vessel-tracking data services.
Univ. Kiel, Univ. Cologne
Univ. Vigo, CSIC/Barcelona, OGS/Trieste, Univ. Poznan
WHOI/MA, Coastal Carolina University/SC
OI/Univ. Sao Paulo, Univ. Montevideo, Hydrographic Survey Buenos Aires
Geol. Survey of Japan, Univ. Tokyo, National Univ. Taiwan, Vietnamese Acad. for Science and Technology, Geol. Survey of Bangladesh

Publications 2010-2014


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Zhang W, Schneider R, Kolb J, Teichmann T, Dudzinska-Nowak J, Harff J, Hanebuth TJJ (2015) Land–sea interaction and morphogenesis of coastal foredunes — A modeling case study from the southern Baltic Sea coast. Coastal Engineering xx, xxx-xxx. doi:10.1016/j.coastaleng.2015.03.005.

Hanebuth TJJ, Zhang W, Hofmann AL, Löwemark LA, Schwenk T (2015) Oceanic density fronts steering bottom-current induced sedimentation deduced from a 50-ka contourite drift record and numerical modelling (off NW Spain). Quaternary Science Reviews 112, 207-225. doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2015.01.027.


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