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Coastal Dynamics

We are interested in a comprehensive understanding of different coastal systems and their interaction in order to be able to evaluate their current states, assess their stability, explain past changes and predict future developments under different conditions.
Coastal morphodynamics are understood as the physical drivers or boundary conditions of ecological and socio-economic systems. They involve a bandwidth of spatial and temporal scales: from the microscopic interaction of turbulent fluid motions with single particles to meso-scale tidal dynamics of subaqueous bedforms to macro-scale seasonal adaptations of beach profiles or the development of tidal channels, to the mega-scale evolution of shorelines over decades. We apply a synthesis of field observational data, laboratory experiments and numerical model simulations to address different questions in the fields of
  • the formation, development and hydraulic effect of bedforms,
  • the morphodynamics of tidal inlets and beaches,
  • the dynamics of suspended matter and fluid mud.

recent publications

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