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Join a dynamic and international team!

We are always looking for outstanding and creative minds to join our research group, so please get in touch with your ideas and we can mutually explore funding possibilities, even if no vacancies are listed.

MSc projects
We have highly interesting themes for guided MSc-projects. Topics range from Precambrian environmental reconstructions and aspects of biological evolution to modern lipid biosynthesis. Please contact me at challmann[at]marum.de to discuss available projects or to discuss your own topic of interest.

PhD projects
We'll soon be looking for another PhD student to join our team and work on Precambrian nitrogen cycling. Stay tuned for the official call or send pre-inquiries with full CV to challmann[at]marum.de.

Postdoctoral jobs
Similarly, we'll have an opening for a postdoctoral scientist within the next few weeks. The project will focus on iron formations, taphonomy and organic matter preservation in the Archean. Please send pre-inquiries with full CV to challmann[at]marum.de.