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Survey Good Scientific Practice

Dear Early Career Researchers,

MARUM offers a "Good Scientific Practice" course which you may have already participated in. It is offered once a year around the end of January. The course provides an overview over cases of scientific misconduct and explains the guidelines of good scientific practice that we rely on in Germany.

While this overview is a valuable first approach to the topic, I received some feedback from participants that they would need some more specific examples and guidance for everyday cases in science. Cases that all of you have to deal with when working with data or having to deal with co-authors etc.

In order to best meet your needs with this course in the future, I would kindly ask you to provide us with your questions or some examples of cases that you have experienced or heard of and that you would like us to address in the course. I am aware that these questions or cases might be delicate for you, that's why I provide the form below so your feedback will be anonymous.

The form will be online for a few months, so you can take your time to think about it. As long as you don't forget about it ;-). If you come up with more/other topics at a later stage, you can just send the form again.

I appreciate your help, thanks a lot!