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MARUM aims to support its postdoctoral researchers in their professional development and personal growth to advance their independent research, professional and academic career. New Postdocs receive guidance from a mentor, a senior scientist from MARUM who can help to structure and organise the first Postdoc project, and to get to know the new work place. MARUM Postdocs are offered to get teaching experience by leading expert courses for PhD students in their own field(s) of expertise. A dedicated academic programme complements the skills that are especially important in the postdoctoral career phase.

Postdocs at MARUM are fully integrated into the researcher community. Postdoc representatives are part of the governance structure and are involved in developing the support programme addressed at them. Initiatives for events organised by the Postdoc community, such as seminars, workshops, an annual Postdoc Day and similar, are highly appreciated and supported in MARUM.


Postdoc Initiatives