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PhD Days 2014

7 - 8 April 2014
at Schloss Etelsen
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The PhD days 2014 offered the opportunity to meet and exchange with other PhD students from different fields of marine sciences.


The programme combined lecture sessions including talks (15 mins) and speed talks (5 mins) and poster sessions. At the beginning, the participants were involved in a tutorial on "How to ask questions after presentations".


Book awards for best talk and best poster (chosen by all participants) were presented to

Miriam Sollich (MARUM / GLOMAR) for her talk "Microbial community structure of a shallow-water hydrothermal system off Milos Island"

Catarina Dinis Cavaleiro (MARUM / GLOMAR) for her poster entitled "North Atlantic paleo-productivity changes during marine isotope stages (MIS) 10 to 16 coccolithophore SR/CA evidence"

best talk - best poster

Photo competition

As a novelty, additionally, there was a photo competition. Eleven PhD students displayed their photos, the audience voted for the winner.

The photograph by Ulisse Cardini was selected as the winner of the photo competition.
best photo

Organising committee

The Programme of the Bremen PhD Days in Marine Sciences 2014 is organised by the MARUM/GLOMAR PhD representatives:
William Brocas (GLOMAR / MARUM)[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Felix Elling (MARUM)[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Conny Kwiatkowski (GLOMAR / MARUM)[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Denise Müller (GLOMAR / IUP)[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Andreas Türke (GLOMAR / FB 5)[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]

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