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PhD Day 2018 - Announcement

25 April 2018
at Haus der Wissenschaft in Bremen
Sandstrasse 4/5, 28195 Bremen (see map)


For presenting your work, you can choose from three different formats:
  1. Talk (10 minutes talk, 5 minutes discussion)
  2. Speed talk (5 minutes talk, 5 minutes discussion; applicable only if you are within the first 6 months of your PhD)
  3. Pitch & Poster (You will prepare a poster plus 1-2 PowerPoint slides, on which you try to raise interest for your poster in the following poster session)

The aim of the presentations is to let the other PhD students know what you do. Therefore, we ask you to design your presentations in a way that they are easy to be followed for people from other disciplines. This is certainly challenging, but a good opportunity to practice your public speaking skills. The well-intentioned audience will provide written feedback for you and the best presentation will be awarded.
For students who just recently started their PhD, a speed talk might be a good way to give people an idea about the outline of your project. Please note that speed talks are aimed at those who are in the first 6 months of their PhD project only.

Photo competition

Photo competition 2014

Photo competition 2014

We are again looking for a new awardee of the PhD Days science photo competition! You are free to choose if you want to participate - if you do, we will ask you to submit a photograph (MUST be your copyright!) that displays your science or an aspect of your scientific research.

To submit a photograph, please indicate upon registration (you will be asked if you want to participate) and send the picture and a short caption to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]. Your photo will be printed and exhibited during the PhD day.


To register for the PhD Day 2018, please fill in the registration form.

Please note that you are expected to actively contribute to the PhD Day by presenting a poster, giving a full oral presentation or presenting your project plan in a speed talk (if you are in the first 6 months of your PhD project).

The deadline for registration is 31 March 2018.


Organising committee

The Programme of the Bremen PhD Day in Marine Sciences 2018 is organised by the MARUM/GLOMAR PhD representatives:

Charlotte Breitkreuz [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Aisgo dos Anjos Oguro [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Leonardo Tamborrino [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]