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Coers, Susanne

NameCoers, Susanne
StatusPhD Candidate
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InstitutionSenckenberg am Meer
AddressAbteilung Meeresforschung
Südstrand 40
26382 Wilhelmshaven
Office no.2-0-13
Phone0049 4421 9475-218

Project IC26 Abiotic and biotic influenced acoustic patchiness of coarse grain habitats

The main aim of the project is to investigate the spatial distribution of course grain substrata in acoustic backscatter signals. The measurements will mainly be conducted with a Side Scan Sonar (SSS) and a Multibeam Echo Sounder (MBES). The first working area is the German Hard Ground close to Helgoland. The focus is to explain the mechanism of spatial distribution of macrofauna and –flora on the hard substrata.

The second working area is the Kaikoura Peninsula Area in New Zealand. The beach is significantly influenced by a littoral drift that causes sediment transport. The aim is to investigate whether it is possible to see a zonation in terms of grainsize, roundness and spericity using backscatter data, videos and sediment analysing tools e.g. sieves.

Curriculum Vitae

since 02/2016PhD Candidate in the INTERCOAST International Research Training Group, University of Bremen, Germany
10/2012 - 06/2015Master of Science (M.Sc.): Geosciences; University of Bremen, Germany
10/2009 - 09/2012Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.): Geosciences; University of Bremen, Germany
Professional Experience
07/2015 - 01/2016Research Assistant at Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Bremerhaven