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Hannah Nowitzki

Institution: University of Bremen
Room: IUP, room M-3200
Phone: +49 421 218-62156
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Hannah Nowitzki

PhD project:

Transport variability from the subtropics and its impact on glacial melt

The North Atlantic is one of the major climate relevant regions and of special interest in the context of climate change. The North Atlantic Current (NAC) transports warm and saline water from the subtropics into the subpolar North Atlantic and provides thus the energy for basal melt of the Greenland Ice sheets. Within the subpolar North Atlantic, deep water formation takes place leading to a southward flow of cold and dense water. As a part of the meridional overturning circulation, the NAC and its pathways within the North Atlantic as well as the southward flow of the deep water masses are closely linked to the global climate.

The PhD project aims at quantifying the transport of water masses throughout the 47° N transect within the North Atlantic. Time series from PIES (pressure inverted echo sounders) at the 47°N transect will be combined with altimetry data from satellites in order to study the pathways of the circulation as well as the exchange of volume, heat and freshwater. The results of the analysis will be combined with a high resolution numerical ocean model to further study the involved processes and mechanisms leading to changes in the warm water circulation and the oceanic heat transport.

The PhD project is part of the project HB-05 “Transport variability of volume, heat, and salinity from the subtropics and its impact on basal glacial melt” within the framework of the International Research Training Group ArcTrain “Processes and impacts of climate change in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian Arctic”. It is closely linked to the ArcTrain projects HB-06 “Internal wave field – mean flow interaction at the continental slope, western boundary current” and HB-07 “Impacts of oceanic fronts on lateral spreading of water masses in the North Atlantic”.

Thesis committee:

Prof. Dr. Monika RheinUniversity of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Paul MyersUniversity of Alberta, Canada
Dr. Achim RoesslerUniversity of Bremen
Dr. Dagmar KiekeUniversity of Bremen
GLOMAR Research Theme A