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Hadar Elyashiv

Institution: University of Bremen
Room: MARUM II, room 3050
Phone: +49 421 218-65867
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Hadar Elyashiv

PhD project

Non-focused versus focused gravitational mass movement along passive continental margins

My PhD project aims to investigate the mobility of submarine mass movements (i.e. mass movement of marine sediments). Gravitational mass movements such as submarine landslides impose a major hazard for marine infrastructure and coastal population since during their movement down the slope (also called runout), they can cut off pipes and cables laid on the sea floor and generate destructive tsunamis. Therefore, understanding how the properties of sediments in the submarine environments promote the mass movement initiation and runout is important for studies of tsunami propagation and coastal hazard management.

Although submarine landslides are studies for decades there is still little known about the mobility of the sediments. The post-failure stage, the mobility, is the transport of sediments downslope in which they acquire the runout distance and the degree of deformation or material disintegration. Several factors have been suggested to contribute to the extraordinary runout distance downslope (tens to hundreds of km) and the final deposition of the failed material as either runout blocks, debris flow and/or turbidity deposits.

In my PhD project, I will apply two approaches to study this. A numerical modelling simulation of intrinsic sediment properties such as friction and cohesion as well as the slope steepness. These simulations will be complemented by geotechnical and sedimentological analysis of selected cores from slope failures in the Western Atlantic Ocean (US Atlantic margins) looking into the sediments from a submarine mass movement. Together these will provide an insight to the role of sediment composition and its behaviour during mass movement events from open slope and submarine canyon areas.

Thesis committee

Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers University of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Uri ten Brink University of Haifa, Israel
Dr. Revital Bookman University of Haifa, Israel
Dr. Jannis Kuhlmann University of Bremen


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