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GLOMAR Hot Topic Panel Discussions

The GLOMAR Hot Topic Panel Discussions aim at providing an opportunity for multidisciplinary exchange. Topics of the Panel Discussions have a relevance for science and society respectively.
The idea is to bring 4-6 PhD students together for one day to work on a common topic. Each of the participants will choose a role as an expert, e.g. as a scientist, environmentalist, politician or other stakeholder.

Course of action:

09.00 - 12.00Aquisition of background information, defining expert roles, preparation of slides
13.00 - 13.30Set up room for panel discussion
13.30 - 15.00Panel discussion with audience
Previous knowledge on the topic is desirable but not required. All background information (from different viewpoints) will be acquired by the participants during the morning session. The preparations are guided by the GLOMAR Associate Scientists.

To provide a “real life” scenario, the panel discussions are announced as MARUM events and are open to everyone who is interested.

Target group

PhD students in all fields of marine sciences who are interested in participating regardless of their membership in any graduate programme.


For GLOMAR members, preparation and conduction of a panel discussion is acknowledged with 1 GLOMAR Credit Point.


Deep Sea Mining

18 February 2014 +