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Elmar Albers

Institution: University of Bremen
Room: GEO building, room 5320
Phone: +49 421 218-65405
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Elmar Albers

PhD project:

The role of magmatic and metasomatic mass transfers in exhumationof the mantle in oceanic detachment faults

Low-angle detachment faults at slow spreading ridges commonly lead to the formation of oceanic core complexes, which expose mantle rocks at the seafloor. Next to typical mantle material, detachment faults in many cases exhibit troctolites which appear to have their origin in magmatic impregnations. The troctolites form mechanically weak minerals such as talc and other hydrous minerals (serpentine, chlorite) during alteration, which may lubricate fault zones and facilitate slip along faults. A relation between magmatism and detachment faulting has thus been suggested.

My project aims to test the hypothesis that melt impregnation plays a key role in early detachment fault evolution. Mineral chemical and whole-rock geochemical analyses as well as geothermobarometry modelling in combination with microtextural analyses will provide insight whether magmatic impregnation or fluid-induced metasomatism play a larger overall role in weakening detachment fault rocks and stabilise the detachment, allowing it to persist for time spans approaching millions of years and accumulate tens of km of throw on a single fault.

Thesis committee:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang BachUniversity of Bremen
Dr. Wolf-Achim KahlUniversity of Bremen
Dr. Frank LiskerUniversity of Bremen
GLOMAR Research Theme B