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ECORD Summer School 2008

"Deep Subseafloor Biosphere”

1 - 12 September 2008

at the MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences and
the IODP Bremen Core Repository, University of Bremen, Germany

Location and Organisation

The Ecord Summer School 2008 was organized by Prof. Dr. Dierk Hebbeln, Director of the Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences „Global Change in the Marine Realm“ (GLOMAR), by Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Hinrichs, head of the MARUM Organic Geochemistry Group, and by Dr. Ursula Röhl, head of the IODP Bremen Core Repository (BCR).

GLOMAR, MARUM and BCR jointly offered unique training opportunities by providing laboratory facilities and a seminar room equipped with 20 laptops (internet access, MatLab etc.).


MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences

The Aim

The major goal was to bring PhD students and young Postdocs in touch with IODP at an early stage of their career, inform them about the actual research within this international scientific program, and to prepare them for future participations in IODP expeditions. Such training will be achieved by taking the summer school participants on a “virtual ship” where they get familiarized with a wide spectrum of state-of-the-art analytical technologies and core description methods according to the high standards on IODP expeditions. Therefore the course was equally balanced, with half the time dedicated to lectures and discussions and the other half to laboratory exercises.

Located on the university campus, MARUM hosts the IODP Bremen Core Repository (BCR), the only IODP core repository in Europe.


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang BachUniversity of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Gerhard BohrmannUniversity of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Heribert CypionkaUniversity of Oldenburg
Dr. Sarah DaviesUniversity of Leicester
Prof. Dr. Steven D'HondtUniversity of Rhode Island
Dr. Katarina J. EdwardsUniversity of Southern California, Los Angeles
Dr. Bert EngelenUniversity of Oldenburg
Dr. Jochen ErbacherBGR, Hannover
Dr. Tim FerdelmanMPI Bremen
Walter HaleUniversity of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Dierk HebbelnUniversity of Bremen
Dr. Verena HeuerUniversity of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe HinrichsUniversity of Bremen
Dr. Fumio InagakiJAMSTEC, Kochi
Prof. Dr. Bo Barker JørgensenMPI Bremen
Dr. Sabine KastenAWI Bremerhaven
Dr. Martin KöllingUniversity of Bremen
Dr. Frank LamyAWI Bremerhaven
Dr. Julius LippUniversity of Bremen
Dr. Mahyar MohtadiUniversity of Bremen
Prof. Dr. R. John ParkesCardiff University
Dr. Ursula RöhlUniversity of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Michael SchlüterAWI Bremerhaven
Prof. Dr. Andreas TeskeUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


A total of 28 PhD students and young post-docs from several European countries and the US participated in the ECORD Summer School 2008.
Sergio ContrerasQuintana MPI Bremen
Petrea Catalin CostelTorino University
Lies De MolGhent University
David FischerAWI Bremerhaven
Tobias GoldhammerUniversity of Bremen
Britta GribsholtUniversity of Southern Denmark
Susann HenkelAWI Bremerhaven
Matthias KellermannUniversity of Bremen
Nina KnabUniversity of Southern California
Xiaolei LiuUniversity of Bremen
Rebecca LundbergETH Zurich
Silvia MecozziUniversity of Modena
Patrick MeisterMPI Bremen
Marcello NatalicchioTorino University
Charlotte OckertUniversity of Münster
Dr. Beth N. OrcuttUniversity of Southern California
Maria PachiadakiHellenic Institute, Crete
Muriel PactonUniversity of Geneva
Giuliana PanieriUniversity of Bologna
Karine PleeUniversity of Geneva
Kristina RathsackUniversity of Göttingen
Nils Risgaard-PetersenAarhus University
Julia Rosa de RezendeMPI Bremen
Hans RøyAarhus University
Florian ScholzFM-Geomar, Kiel
Jörn TonniusUniversity of Bremen
Aurèle VuilleminUniversity of Geneva
Laura WehrmannMPI Bremen