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MARUM / GLOMAR Courses 2018

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Course Topic

Lecturer(s) / Trainer(s)

Course Type*

January 18 Good Scientific Practice Prof. Dr. Reinhard X. Fischer
Prof. Dr. Dierk Hebbeln
Dr. Christina Klose
February 21 - 23 Foraminferal Proxies for Paleoceanographic Reconstructions Dr. Heather Johnstone
Dr. Lukas Jonkers
March 2 Doctoral Thesis Workshop - Lifting off Prof. Dr. Dierk Hebbeln
GLOMAR research associates
  5 - 6 Self and Time Management Sabine Lerch TS
  8 - 9 Presentation Skills Sabine Lerch TS
  12 - 14 Stratigraphic Methods and Age Models Dr. Torsten Bickert
Prof. Dr. Ges­ine Mol­len­hauer
Dr. Stefan Mulitza
Manuel Pérez Mayo
Dr. Thomas West­er­hold
  26 - 27 Introduction to R (software use and code writing) Dr. Pier Luigi Buttigieg BSM
April  4 Scientific Writing for Natural Scientists (Day 1/6) Dr. Rebecca Rendle-Bühring BSM
  19 The Science-Policy Interface at the International, Intergovernmental Level Dr. Stefan Hain OT
  23 - 27 ECORD Training Course Dr. Ursula Röhl et al. SK
May 4 Proposal Writing for Natural Scientists (Day 1/4) Prof. Dr. Dierk Hebbeln
Prof. Dr. Michael Schulz
  28 - 30 Coastal Dynamics
Part I - Coastal processes and sediment transport
Part II - Anthropogenic drivers of coastal change
Dr. Alice Lefebvre 
Dr. Martin Lukas
June 5 An Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning Hendrik Heuer BK
  8 Infoveranstaltung zum Quer-/Seiteneinstieg in das Lehramt
(From science to secondary school - how to become a teacher in Germany) in German
Expert/innen aus Schulbehörde, Zentrum für Lehrer/innenbildung der Uni und aus der Praxis TS
  13 - 15 Stat­ist­ics - An In­tro­duc­tion to Hy­po­thesis Test­ing and Para­meter Es­tim­a­tion (us­ing R) - Part I Prof. Dr. Dieter Wolf-Gladrow BSM
  20 - 21 Leadership Skills Sabine Lerch TS
July 11 - 13 Statistics - An Introduction to Hypothesis Testing and Parameter Estimation (using R) - Part II Prof. Dr. Dieter Wolf-Gladrow BSM
August 15 Scientific Writing for Natural Scientists (Day 1/6) Dr. Rebecca Rendle-Bühring BSM
  22 - 23 Strategic Career and Research Profile Development Dr. Beate Scholz  TS
September 3 - 14 ECORD Summer School "Sub-seafloor fluid transport and gas hydrate dynamics" Dr. Ursula Röhl et al. SK 
October   Physics of the Climate System Dr. David De Vleeschouwer BK
    An Introduction to ArcGIS Dr. Martin Lukas BSM
  22 - 23 Presentation Skills  Sabine Lerch TS
November   Coastal Dynamics
Part III - Sea level and Coastal Changes
Dr. Alessio Rovere SK
    Writing for the general public Ulrike Prange TS
December 5 Scientific Writing for Natural Scientists (Day 1/6) Dr. Rebecca Rendle-Bühring BSM


*Course types: BK - Basic Knowledge
BSM - Basic Skills and Methods
TS - Transferable skills
SK - Specific Knowledge
OT - Overarching Topics