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MARUM / GLOMAR Courses 2007

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MonthDay(s)Course TopicLecturer(s) / Trainer(s)
Course Type*
June25 - 29Communicating Marine Scientific Topics to the PublicK. Achenbach
Albert Gerdes
July16 - 19Statistical methodsDr. David Heslop
Prof. Dr. Michael Schulz
16 - 20International Marine Environmental LawProf. Dr. Andree Kircher
August13 - 24ECORD Summer School 2007 "Paleoceanography"
September18 - 20Scientific WritingProf. Dr. Rebecca Rendle-Bühring
24 - 25Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis (Working Group 1, IPCC)Prof. Dr. Peter Lemke
24 - 25Organic facies modelling - modern oceanic systems and ancient source rocksDr. Ute Mann
Dr. Maik Inthorn
26 - 28The Global Carbon Cycle: Past, Present, and FutureProf. Dr. Dieter Wolf-Gladrow
Dr. Christina De La Rocha
Dr. Christine Klaas
Dr. Björn Rost
Dr. Christoph Völker
October8 - 11Coastal Morphodynamic ModellingProf. Dr. Burghard Flemming
Prof. Dr. Andreas Malcherek
Prof. Dr. Dano Roelvink
Dr. Aaron Roland
Dr. Christian Winter
Dr. Andreas Pluess
15 - 19GLOMAR Introductory Course to Socio-Economic and Institutional Dimensions of Global Change in the Marine RealmProf. Dr. Ingo Heidbrink
Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Lange
Prof. Dr. Gerd Winter
Dr. Jan Barkmann
November27 - 30Multivariate analyses of ecological dataDr. Alban Ramette

Glomar offers three different categories of courses:

Introductory Courses (I)

aim at providing first year PhD students with a comprehensive overview of the marine sciences. In following the idea of interdisciplinary exchange, two introductory courses have been specifically designed to introduce the natural marine sciences to social scientists and vice versa.

Expert Courses (E)

aim at providing all PhD students with topic related expert knowledge in a condensed format. This saves time otherwise spent in long lasting literature reviews, which can then be used for PhD students' own research.

Transferable Skill Courses (TS)

aim at providing all PhD students with competence related to leardership, communication, presentation, teamwork, etc. and skills such as project or time management.