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Women's representatives

Although the term "women's representatives" is defined by law (BremHG), the overaching goal of our activities is to advice and support all scientists and students at MARUM, as well as the director and decentralised commitees in the implementation of the legally fixed equal opportunities duty (BremHG).

The decentralised women's representatives are regularly elected by the MARUM women plenary meeting (last on 27.11.2013).


Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn-Frehers


+49 421 218-65860


+49 421 218-65872



MARUM II, 3040

Dr. Vera Barbara Bender


+49 421 218-65951


+49 421 218-9865951



MARUM II, 0020


Our activities

  • involved in hiring and appeal procedures
  • access to all steering meetings, assemblies and committees
  • advisory service in individual discrimination experience
  • contact point for more information on available assistance measures related to familiy issues
  • ...

Current topics

Guideline for gender-equal language (German only)

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Assistance measures


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plan m

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Professorinnenprogramm (M9)

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audit familiengerechte hochschule

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