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Mineral surface reactions such as dissolution, growth, replacement, adsorption, nucleation and their expression on mineral surface topography, roughness, structure and composition

  1. Laboratory experiments and analyses
  2. Stochastic modeling approaches
  3. General theory of surface reactions

Microbial interaction with mineral surfaces

  1. Modification of the inorganic baseline of mineral surface reactions
  2. Organic material on mineral surfaces

Diagenetic reactions and their variations in space and time

  1. Siliciclastic systems; analysis of paragenetic sequenecs
  2. Spatial anisotropy of cementation at multiple length scales
  3. Evolution of secondary porosity
  4. Adsorption reactions (large molecules, colloids, “amorphous” material) during early diagenesis

Technical applications

  1. Cement hydration
  2. Carbon sequestration
  3. Nuclear waste storage and management
  4. Biomaterials