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Lehmann N, Granger J, Kienast M, Brwon KS, Rafter PA, Martínez-Méndez G, Mohtadi M (accepted). Isotopic evidence on the evolution of subsurface nitrate in the Western Equatorial Pacific. Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans. DOI:10.1002/2017JC013527.

Titschack J, Baum D, Matsuyama K, Boos K, Färber C, Kahl WA, Ehrig K, Meinel D, Soriano C, Stock SR (2018). Ambient occlusion – a powerful algorithm to segment shell and skeletal intrapores in computed tomography data. Computer and Geosciences.

Wienberg C, Tit­schack J,Frei­wald A, Frank N, Lun­dälv T, Ta­via­ni M, Beuck L, Schrö­der-Ritzrau A, Kren­gel T, Heb­beln D (2018). The gi­ant Mau­ri­ta­ni­an cold-wa­ter co­ral mound pro­vin­ce: oxy­gen con­trol on co­ral mound for­ma­ti­on. Qua­tern­ary Sci­ence Re­views 185:135–152. DOI:10.1016/j.quascirev.2018.02.012

Wienberg C, Titschack J (2017). Framework-forming scleractinian cold-water corals through space and time: A late Quaternary North Atlantic perspective. In: Rossi S, Bramanti L, Gori A, Orejas C, Marine Animal Forests: the Ecology of Benthic Biodiversity Hotspots. Springer, pp. 699-732. DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-17001-5_16-1