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WaveRider 2009

The WaveRider 2009 is a mobile system for recording water depths. The system can be lowered from jack-up platforms or bridges or directly put in any type of water.

System handling is done via the own supply cable. Lowering, lifting up or holding in position with the flow. All components are supplied with power via a 12V battery and are therefore completely self-sufficient. Currently the WaveRider is used in a 30m configuration. An extension is possible without further ado.

The multihull architecture of the WaveRider allows a relatively stable position in the water. A ballast keel on the lower side of the WaveRider ensures a targeted position of the platform as it is lowered into the water, even in strong waves.


  • multihull plattform
  • sonar transmitter
  • broadbend sounder
  • chart plotter
  • supply cable
Waverider 2009

Performance Characteristics

  • 20° transom mount transducers with 200kHz frequency
  • Usable in up to 50m water depth
  • mobile & self-sufficient system
  • NMEA interface
  • Data recording
  • Easy handling
  • Usable in any type of water
  • Low system weight

Measuring Parameters

  • GPS data
  • water temperature
  • water depth
  • soil condition


  • Water depth determination of jack-up platforms
  • Determination of wave height
  • Recording of wave height
  • Combination of GPS information and sonar data
  • Graphic presentation oft he unterground / waves

scientific projects: MARUM/University Bremen, working group Marine Engineering Geology
commercial projects: Geo-Engineering.org GmbH

Property of: Geo-Engineering.org GmbH