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CPT Test Stand

The CPT test stand developed here at MARUM is a common and cost-effective method for investigating the condition of the subsoil under laboratory conditions. Only a small amount of sample is needed to draw conclusions about the condition of the soil.

Here, a probing tip is pressed into the sample at 2 cm per second. Meanwhile, sensors inside the test prod measure the penetration resistance. These measurement data (sample diameter, pressures, penetration resistance, etc.) provide information on soil properties and sediment stability which is essential for assessing the carrying capacity for construction projects. The measured data can be evaluated on site with special calibration tables.



  • Load frame with hydraulic cylinder
  • calibration chamber
  • Mini CPT with tip and pore pressure measurement
  • High precision spindle pumps
  • Real-Time System ADwin Gold II

Performance Characteristics

  • High precision circumferential measurement of the sample with LVDT sensors
  • Simulation of depths up to 500 meters
  • High-precision and real-time capable measurement data acquisition
  • Real-time control of pressures and feed
  • Device for installing the sample with different installation densities

Measurement Parameters

  • Axial, lateral and pore pressure
  • Scope of the sediment sample
  • Position of the hydraulic cylinder / measuring tip
  • volume control


If you are interested in testing your own samples in our test stand - we look forward to hear from you. We are always interested in cooperations with other universities and companies.   


Technical advice:

Marc Huhndorf

Phone: +49 421 218 65808

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Further Contacts:

Sabine Sawitzki

Secretary of Prof. Dr. Tobias Mörz

Phone: +49 421 218 65510

E-Mail: [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]

CPT Teststand
CPT Test Stand
CPT Kammer
Calibration Chamber - transverse section
Mini CPT mit Spitzen- und Porendruck - Neuentwicklung 2018
Mini CPT with tip and pore pressure (new development in 2018)
Data example of the measured tip pressure

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