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DFG-Emmy-Noether-Group "Hydrothermal Geomicrobiology"

Hydrothermal vent systems are increasingly recognized as extreme environments of tremendous scientific importance. Their study is of great significance to geochemistry, geobiology and microbiology; they act as windows into the inner Earth and link bio- and geosphere on multiple levels. The limits of life as well as its potential origin are two of the greatest puzzles in biogeosciences, which one can address via the study of hydrothermal systems.


***papers accepted in Frontiers in Microbiology***

Bacterial Diversity and Biogeochemistry of Two Marine Shallow-Water Hydrothermal Systems off Dominica (Lesser Antilles) by Pop Ristova, P, Pichler, T, Friedrich, MW & Bühring, SI

Heat Stress Dictates Microbial Lipid Composition along a Thermal Gradient in Marine Sediments by Sollich, M, Yoshinaga, MY, Häusler, S, Price, RE,  Hinrichs, KU & Bühring SI

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****new movie from Milos vents!!!*****
Research group "Hydrothermal Geomicrobiology"
Rebecca Aepfler
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