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Red Sea numerical modelling

We employ a regional numerical model of the Red Sea to better understand its complex circulation and the different effects of various forcing parameters ... +

Planktic foraminifera and eastern Atlantic hydrography

We employ planktonic foraminifera as indicators for the hydrography of the Azores Current in the Gulf of Cadiz during the last interglacial maximum. +

Recent climate change

To investigate to what extent human activities or natural processes steer current and past climate changes we study marine sedimentary archives with a ... +

Benthic Foraminifera from the Red Sea

We analyze the benthic foraminifera assemblages in a sediment core from the central Red Sea in order to reconstruct the deep water properties of the past. +

Coccolithophores paleoproductivity

We investigate changes in coccolithophore calcification in the North Atlantic and the Iberian margin during interglacials with different peak temperatures ... +