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MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences

Since its foundation, the research center ›MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences‹ (hereafter referred to as MARUM) has developed into an internationally recognized center for marine research anchored at the University of Bremen. MARUM’s position within the University of Bremen was considerably strengthened in 2012 when MARUM became the first and only Research Faculty of the University of Bremen. Through MARUM, the University of Bremen closely collaborates with the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven (AWI), the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen (MPI), the Senckenberg Institute by the Sea in Wilhelmshaven (SGN), the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research in Bremen (ZMT), the University of Oldenburg, and the private Constructor University in Bremen.

Marum is the home of the Cluster of Excellence The Ocean Floor – Earth’s Uncharted Interface as well as other national and international research projects.

MARUM – research mission statement

MARUM produces fundamental scientific knowledge about the role of the ocean and the ocean floor in the total Earth system. The dynamics of the ocean and the ocean floor significantly impact the entire Earth system through the interaction of geological, physical, biological and chemical processes. These influence both the climate and the global carbon cycle, and create unique biological systems. MARUM is committed to fundamental and unbiased research in the interests of society and the marine environment, and in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. It publishes its quality-assured scientific data and makes it publicly available. MARUM informs the public about new discoveries in the marine environment and provides practical knowledge through its dialogue with society. MARUM cooperates with commercial and industrial partners in accordance with its goal of protecting the marine environment.


MARUM encompasses the Research Areas Ocean and Climate, Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions, and Seafloor Dynamics. Cutting across all three research fields are the general areas of support for early career researchers, underwater technology, laboratory infrastructures, core repositories (IODP and GeoB), data information systems, and communication and media.

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MARUM is a basic organizational unit of the University of Bremen and organizes its work through the following entities: General Assembly, Center Council, Directorate, and Director. MARUM manages its allocated funds and external funds independently; all personnel, material and consumable resources are administered by MARUM.

MARUM Organigram DirectorateWomen's representativesOmbudsperson / Rules of Good Scientific PracticeCenter Council

Members / General Assembly

Members of MARUM are members of the University of Bremen who work at MARUM or who are specially assigned to MARUM, and those with an equivalent status. The General Assembly advises the Center Council and gives recommendations on questions of organization, the formation of central infrastructures, and the scope of work in MARUM, with particular regard for the long-term planning of MARUM's research program. It also elects the Center Council.

Center Council

The Center Council is the central decision-making body of MARUM; in particular, its tasks include the following:

  • Planning of the research program
  • Decisions regarding fundamental personnel issues in MARUM
  • Decisions on the principles of management of MARUM funds
  • Planning of structured training concepts for early career researchers
  • Coordination of MARUM's activities in the context of national and international cooperation
  • Establishment of principles for quality assurance with regard to MARUM's tasks

Center Council

Director and Directorate

The Director is the head of MARUM and represents the interests of MARUM within the University of Bremen as well as externally. The Director is responsible for the proper allocation of funds and for compliance with the overall budget of MARUM. The Director presides over meetings of the General Assembly and the Center Council; he plans their discussions and implements decisions of the Center Council and the Directorate. The Directorate comprises the Director as chair and two Vice Directors. The Directorate makes decisions on all individual personnel matters within MARUM and advises the Director on budget questions.


Decentralized women's representatives

The decentralized women's representatives support the various entities within MARUM with regard to measures to address and overcome disadvantages for women in science. The decentralized women's representatives have the right to attend all meetings of the General Assembly and the Center Council as well as all committees in an advisory capacity, and to propose motions.

Women’s Representatives


The ombudsperson serves as a contact person for compliance with the rules of good scientific practice, and moderates possible conflicts within the framework of MARUM. The Ombudsperson is appointed by the Rector of the University of Bremen based on a recommendation from MARUM.