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Ting-Wei Wu

Doctoral Students


Marine Geotechnics


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Ting-Wei Wu

Phd Project

My pro­ject is fun­ded by the European Com­mis­sion, pro­ject SLATE (Sub­mar­ine land­slides and their im­pact on European con­tin­ental mar­gins).Topic: Quant­it­at­ive Geo­tech­nical Char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion of Seis­mic Strength­en­ing Ef­fect on Sub­aquatic Slope Sta­bil­ity

This pro­ject con­sists of a la­bo­ra­to­ry-ba­sed, ge­ne­ric stu­dy that aims to quan­ti­fy the streng­the­ning ef­fect of ear­t­h­qua­ke loa­ding on ma­ri­ne slo­pe se­di­ment de­po­sits. The seis­mic streng­the­ning pro­cess in­vol­ves gra­du­al den­si­fi­ca­ti­on of se­di­ment cau­sed by re­pea­ted ear­t­h­qua­ke events that com­pacts the se­di­ment (op­po­site to li­que­fac­tion which is the case when the shaking is more in­ten­se and ex­cess pore pres­su­re de­structs the se­di­men­t's fa­bric). By using ad­van­ced la­bo­ra­to­ry me­thods like cy­clic tri­a­xi­al tests, the in­crea­se in un­d­rai­ned she­ar strength as a func­tion of dy­na­mic loa­ding and pore wa­ter drai­na­ge can be mea­su­red, which sheds light on the sta­bi­li­ty of the stu­di­ed slo­pe as a re­sult. The main goal is to ex­plo­re the na­tu­re and si­gni­fi­can­ce of seis­mic streng­the­ning in se­di­ments of dif­fe­rent mi­ne­ra­lo­gi­cal and grain size com­po­si­ti­ons. Ex­pec­ted sci­en­ti­fic out­co­me is to en­han­ce our un­der­stan­ding of:

  • Seis­mic strength­en­ing of ma­ter­i­als and their de­pend­ence on para­met­ers as well as the seis­mic in­tens­ity, num­ber of seis­mic events and over­bur­den stresses.
  • Seis­mic strength­en­ing of geo­tech­nic­ally more com­plex types of soils, for ex­ample silts, clays, sand-silt-clay mix­tures, te­phra, and di­atom ooze.
  • Case study on nat­ural samples in­cor­por­at­ing real earth­quake sig­nals.

Cur­riculum Vitae

2017 - present

PhD stu­dent at MARUM, Uni­versity of Bre­men, Ger­many

2016 - 2017
Re­search as­sist­ant at the In­sti­tute of Earth Sci­ences, Aca­demia Sin­ica, Taiwan

2014 - 2016
Mas­ter of Sci­ence (M.Sc.), Mar­ine Geo­phys­ics, rank 1/​12, Uni­versity of West­ern Brit­tany (Brest), France

2010 - 2014
Bach­elor of Sci­ence (B.Sc.), Earth Sci­ences, rank 8/​50, Na­tional Cent­ral Uni­versity, Taiwan

2012 - 2013 and 2016
Guest stu­dent to M. Sc. Mar­ine Geosciences, Uni­versity of Bre­men, Ger­many

Expedition and Trainings

Activity Location Date
Re­search stay
IFREMER (Cen­ter of Brest/​Plouz­ané), France
14 October - 13 Decem­ber 2019
22 Oc­to­ber - 21 Decem­ber 2018
Re­search stay
NGI (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute), Norway
05 August - 30 August 2019
02 May - 28 June 2019
ECORD Train­ing Course
Bre­men MARUM (IODP vir­tual ship ex­per­i­ence)
23 April - 27 April 2018
Nice Ai­port land­slide area
Ports: Catania - Malaga
25 May - 10 June 2016


Nat­ive: Taiwanese Man­darin, Taiwanese Hokkien

High (C2): Amer­ican Eng­lish

High-in­ter­me­di­ate (N2): Ja­pan­ese

In­ter­me­di­ate (B1): Ger­man, French


SCI Journ­als

Wu, T.-W., Chi, W.-C., Lin, Y.-S., and Chen, S.-C., 2019, Temperature as a tracer for fluid movement at hydrothermal sites near the Yonaguni Knoll IV, Okinawa Trough. Ter­restrial, At­mo­spheric and Oceanic Sci­ences 30, 695-704. DOI:10.3319/​TAO.2019.01.10.02.

Roes­ner, A., Wiemer, G., Kreiter, S., Wenau, S., Wu, T.-W., Cour­boulex, F., Spiess, V., and Kopf, A., 2018, Im­pact of Seis­mi­city on Nice Slope sta­bil­ity-Lig­urian Basin, SE France: a geo­tech­nical re­visit. Land­slides 13, p.119. DOI: 10.1007 / s10346-018-1060-7.

Con­fer­ence Ab­stract

Wu, T.-W., Sul­tan, N., Gar­ziglia, S., Cat­taneo, A., and Kopf, A., 2019, Un­drained shear be­ha­vior of sat­ur­ated Ot­t­awa Sand un­der an­iso­tropic tri­axial load­ing con­di­tions to as­sess seis­mic strength­en­ing. Ab­stracts of European Geosciences Union (EGU) Gen­eral As­sembly, 7‐12 Apr 2019, Vi­enna, Aus­tria; Geo­phys­ical Re­search Ab­stracts, Vol.21, EGU2019-17387

Sci­entific Re­ports

Chi, W.-C., Lee, S.-Y., Lin, Y.-S., Chen, W.-J, and Wu, T.-W., 2017, Geo­lo­gical In­vest­ig­a­tion of Min­eral Re­source Po­ten­tial in the Off­shore Area of ​​North­east­ern Taiwan: Seis­mic and Heat Flow Sur­veys (2/​4): Fluid Mi­gra­tion Model.Cent­ral Geo­lo­gical Sur­vey re­port no.106-12-C, 49 pp, Taipei.Ori­gin­ally writ­ten in Chinese with Eng­lish ab­stract.

Kopf, A., Fleischmann, T., Gauch­ery, T., Mei­necke, G., Ren­ken, J., Spiesecke, U., Stange, N., Völker, D., von Wahl, T., Wenau, S. , Wit­tauer, C., and Wu, T.-W., 2016, Po­s­eidon cruise Pos500 "LISA": Lig­urian slope AUV map­ping, grav­ity cor­ing and seis­mic re­flec­tion.Re­ports from the MARUM and De­part­ment of Geosciences of the Univ.Bre­men, No.312, 62 pp.(ISSN 2195-9633)


Sand reconstitution
Preparation of a natural marine clay sample