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Marine Geotechnics

Timo Fleischmann


+49 421 218-65813



MARUM I, 2120

Timo Fleischmann

Field and Laboratory duties

  • Free-Fall CPT deployments
  • In-Situ temperature measurements
  • MSCL measurements
  • Gas Pycnometer measurements
  • Long-term Observatory deployments

Technical duties

  • Software development (C, C#, MATLAB)
  • Embedded system development


  • Kopf, A., Freudenthal, T., Ratmeyer, V., Bergenthal, M., Lange, M., Fleischmann, T., Hammerschmidt, S., Seiter, C., and Wefer, G., 2015. Simple, affordable, and sustainable borehole observatories for complex monitoring objectives, Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst., 4, 99-109, doi:10.5194/gi-4-99-2015
  • Pape, T., Geprägs, P., Hammerschmidt, S., Wintersteller, P., Wei, J., Fleischmann, T., Bohrmann, G., and Kopf, A.J. (2014) Hydrocarbon seepage and its sources at mud volcanoes of the Kumano forearc basin, Nankai Trough subduction zone. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 15, 2180-2194, 10.1002/2013gc005057
  • Strupler, M., M. Hilbe, F. S. Anselmetti, A. J. Kopf, T. Fleischmann, and M. Strasser. "Probabilistic stability evaluation and seismic triggering scenarios of submerged slopes in Lake Zurich (Switzerland)." Geo-Marine Letters (2017): 1-18.








FS Sonne 251 A/B

Japan trench

A. Kopf / M. Strasser
2016 FS Poseidon 500    

Mediterranean Sea  Nice

A. Kopf
2015 RV Ocean Surveyor


I. Snowball
2014 FS Poseidon 472


S. Stegmann
2014 RV Ocean Surveyor


L. Snowball
2013 CCGS Wilfrid Laurier

Beaufort Sea, Leg 3 

S. Dallimore
2012 FS Sonne 222 Leg A/B


A. Kopf
2012 FS Poseidon 429

Mediterranean Sea Ligurian Basin

A. Kopf
2011 FS Poseidon 410

Mediterranean Sea

A. Kopf
2011 FS Alkor 382

Baltic Sea

V. Spieß
2010 FS Alkor 363

Baltic Sea

V. Spieß
2010 FS Planet 4/10

Baltic Sea

T. Wefer
2010 FS Sonne 207

Guatemala Basin

H. Villinger
2009 FS Poseidon 386

Mediterranean Sea  Nice

A. Kopf






2016 Husum CPT-Campaign
2015 Azerbaijan Instrumentalization of mud volcano, Dashgil
2015 Switzerland CPT-Campaign
2014 Switzerland CPT-Campaign


Preparation of shallow water CPT
Preparation of shallow water CPT
Beaufort Sea
Beaufort Sea
FS Planet 2010
FS Planet 2010
Niskin CTD Bottom Water Sampler
Niskin Bottom Water Sampler with CTD