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Dr. Thomas Westerhold

Research Staff


MARUM Director


+49 421 218-65672


+49 421 218-9865672



MARUM I, 0220

Dr. Thomas Westerhold

Research Interests

  • Astronomical Tuning of the Geological Time Scale
  • Climatic evolution of Cenozoic Oceans
  • Stable Isotopes (oxygen & carbon) to study paleoceanography
  • Non-destructive Core Logging/Scanning methods incl. XRF Core Scanning
  • Core Splicing and Core Image Processing

Recent Publications

Screenshot Drury Splice 982
T.Westerhold / MARUM
Bighorn Basin PETM at Polecat Bench
T. Westerhold / MARUM

New age models from the Bighorn Basin Coring Project

Here new high-resolution age models for the Bighorn Basin Coring Project (BBCP) drill cores to improve age models for climate records from deep-sea drill cores of the PETM.

Sampling of LLTM
T. Westerhold / MARUM

New Paper - Late Lutetian Thermal Maximum (LLTM)

Crossing a Thermal Threshold in Earth’s Climate System?

Transient Warming Event in the Late Lutetian - see here

T. Westerhold / MARUM

Astronomical Calibration of the Ypresian Time Scale

New paper published in Climate of the Past featuring the astronomical calibration of the Ypresian Stage. Open Access

T. Westerhold / MARUM

Code for Ocean Drilling Data (CODD)

New manuscript published in Climate of the Past featuring the new software macro package developed by Roy H. Wilkens

IODP Proposal 862-Pre
SW Atlantic Paleogene Climate
(T.Westerhold & S.Bohaty)



IODP Germany - DFG priority program (SPP527)

DFG priority program IODP/ODP Project:
New high-resolution compilation of benthic stable isotope data for the early Paleogene

International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP)

Exp 371   Exp 320/321

Proposal #778-Full Tanzania

#834-Full Agulhas-Traskei
#851-Pre NW Atlantic
#862-Pre SW Atlantic
#874-Pre Newfoundland

#933-Pre NW Africa



Exploring the Cretaceous-Tertiary Mass Extinction and Recovery


Tanzania Onshore Paleogene Integrated Coring (TOPIC)

Eocene paleoclimate stratigraphy

(Video ICDP workshop Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, 10-12 September https://vimeo.com/107911777)


Bighorn Basin Coring Project (BBCP)

Wyoming's Bighorn Basin preserves an unusually complete stratigraphic record of early Paleogene time (~65-50 Ma). The Bighorn Basin Coring Project (BBCP) ...

T. Westerhold / MARUM

A single age model for all equatorial Pacific ocean drilling sites

We are trying to tie together all of the equatorial Pacific sites from Legs 85, 130, 138, 199 and expeditions 320 and 321 so that we know with great ...