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The Cluster's research on marine ecosystems, climate change, paleoenvironments, and global element budgets relies on crucial information captured in organic molecules and minerals. Analyses target solid, dissolved and gaseous compounds and include the isotopic compositions of organic and inorganic matter. The Enabler Molecular and Isotopic Tracers (TRACERS) aims to advance our capabilities for deciphering this information.

The Enabler interlinks a unique array of state-of-the art analytical technologies already in operation at MARUM and its partner institutes. In this framework, we strive to implement analytical solutions tailored to the scientific needs of the three Research Units, and to provide new methodologies that extend the scope of the envisioned research. We aim to further advance in-situ measurements using instrumentation on remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and to implement a Marine Cheminformatics Node enabling 3D visualization and exploration of large datasets.

Molecular and isotopic approaches will be crucial for achieving the first four of the Cluster’s six overarching objectives.

Bremen, 01.03.2021

2021 Call for Innovation Grants

We invite proposals that expand the analytical capabilities of the cluster in the area of molecular and isotopic tracers.

Bremen, 30.04. 2020

Innovation Grants 2020

Five proposals have been selected for funding after peer-review of all proposals in the 2020 Call for Innovation Grants.