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Enabler TRACERS – Projects

Postdoctoral Researchers

Jan Kleint

Method de­vel­op­ment of a novel in situ un­der­wa­ter mass spec­tro­meter for meas­ure­ments of vari­ous gases (such as H2, CO2, CH4 and H2S) in the oceanic wa­ter column and at hy­dro­thermal vents

Thomas Evans

Weimin Liu

Innovation Grants 2020

Thomas Felis:

Advancing ultrahigh-resolution microsampling for isotopic and geochemical tracers by ultra-precision milling devices     [Ultra-Prec]

Gesine Mollenhauer, Hendrik Grotheer, Sara Schlagenhauff, Torben Gentz, Thorsten Dittmar:

Establishing the first ultra violet light oxidation DO14C lab in Europe

Lars Wörmer:

Mass spectrometric detection and isotopic characterization of dipicolinic acid (DPA), a diagnostic biomarker for dormant bacterial cells, in the marine subsurface

Raphaël Morard:

Recovering planktonic foraminifera composition from environmental samples using the Real-Time quantitative PCR technology

Florence Schubotz, Gunter Wegener & Julius Lipp:

ISO-TRACKS: Tracking substrate turnover and activity of marine microorganisms using novel isotopic tracer techniques