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The comprehensive and continuous exploration of the deep ocean and ocean floor requires smart, innovative solutions for observation and sampling techniques and monitoring devices under extreme environmental conditions, including robotics, new sensors and advanced digital solutions. The Enabler Deep-sea Technology and Ocean-Floor Observing Systems (TECHNOLOGY) strives to improve MARUM’s existing technology and develop new technologies and instrumentation tailored to the Cluster’s ambitious scientific goals.

We will achieve this by (1)  improve particle tracking and sampling on mobile platforms, (2) build and use MeBo downhole tools and observatories, (3) improve AUV / ROV-based navigation and mapping, and (4) purchase and use of an ROV grade in-situ mass spectrometer to monitor the spatial and temporal concentration analysis for specific gases at high resolution.

The technologies we develop and deploy enable crucial measurements in RECEIVER (Task 1), REACTOR (Tasks 2, 3, 4) and RECORDER (Task 2, 3), and provide fundamental links between the research themes.

Mar 4, 2022

Successful sea trials on HEINCKE-expedition

The RoboLeaks cruise HE590 aimed to conduct intensive testing of newly developed seagoing equipment at gas seep sites in the Baltic Sea. The IMGAM AUV and ...

Nov 14, 2020

Milestone for AUV MARUM-SEAL

During the currently ongoing expedition SO278 in the Mediterranean Sea the MARUM AUV SEAL is mapping the seafloor and thus showing the way for precise ...

Oct 21, 2020

First successful work with underwater robots during the expedition M167

After a week of quarantine in a hotel in northern Germany, the German research vessel METEOR set out on an expedition in the framework of the EU Marine ...