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A number of documents, forms, and links for daily use are distributed on servers throughout the university. The most important of these are offered here, including procurement, travelling, rebooking, etc.

We are happy to accept further important information so that we can make it available to everyone.

Travel expenses
EU affairs

Since the introduction of SAP at the University of Bremen, all rebookings that are to be transfered from one fund (or cost center) to another fund (or another cost center) have to be formally transferred via Department 5.

Please contact Ms. Schröder, Tel. 60202, for any questions.

Rebooking of individual items

To rebook of one or more bookings respectively one or more receipts, you find information to the right.

Please use the excel file "receipt-related rebookings/belegbezogene Umbuchungen" for student assistants!

Rebooking of personnel

If, towards the end of a financial year, it is determined that the majority of staff was working on another project, it may be possible to transfer them to this fund.

Since this process depends on a number of formal legal conditions, this is done by the relevant administrative management (faculty, MARUM) in close consultation with the human resources department.

Contact persons for all related questions are Ms. M. Ahrenholz, FB 5 (Tel .: -65010) and Ms. B. Volkmann, MARUM (Tel .: -65512).