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Several useful documents, forms and links of daily use are distributed on servers throughout the university. You will find the most important ones here, including procurement, travel, rebooking etc. Please note that you have to be logged for access to some links or documents.

We’ll gladly accept further important information in order to make it available to everyone.

Please note: Unfortunately, there are not always English websites available behind links. Also, most forms exist in German only.

In case of divergent interpretations of the German and the English text, however, the German text shall prevail.



Official Language

The official language is German (BremVwVfG §23 (1)


See Assets.


Notification of third-party funded projects

According to §74 paragraph 1 of the Bremen University Law (Bremisches Hochschulgesetz, BremHG) in combination with figure 4 of the third-party-policy, a research project that is funded from third-party funds must be notified.

The online form can be found here: https://www.marum.de/Service/Drittmittelanzeige.html

Please load up project application, approval or other attachments as a file within the online form.


Mandatory overtime


Employee portal (Beschäftigtenportal)

Information on offers and price comparisons, online bookings of flight- and train tickets, rental cars etc. can be found in the internal area of www.uni-bremen.de: Employee portal.


Car rental


Occupational Health and Safety Handbook

Here you can find the Occupational Health and Safety Handbook with the general Safety Standards at the University of Bremen.

Occupational medical care - capability for expeditions

If you are planning a business trip abroad, there is a lot to consider. Make sure you don’t only think about your project, but also about your safety and health! Your company doctor will be happy to advise you on travel medicine, carry out preventive examinations and take care of the necessary vaccinations. Your employer bears the full costs.

In preparation, your supervisor will determine the dangers as part of a risk assessment with you. Among other things, travel destination, means of transport, accommodation, meals and the activity to be taken into account. The risk assessment should be one of the first things to do when preparing a business trip!

The form (see box on the right) can help you with the risk assessment.

Please check whether there are health-related entry regulations, such as mandatory vaccinations. Also consider whether additional insurance such as an international health insurance is necessary. Check the current security situation at the destination before departure (via the webpage of the Federal Foreign Office). Determine with your supervisor exactly what to do in the event of an illness or accident. Better safe than sorry!

When is advice / precaution necessary?

  1. Before stays with particular climatic stresses (in tropical or subtropical countries, polar and sub-polar regions, stays at high altitudes, etc.)
  2. Before staying in countries with a particular risk of infection, e.g. through endemic infectious diseases or disease carriers (e.g. malaria, yellow fever), inadequate hygienic conditions, inadequate medical care, inadequate infrastructure
  3. Before employees with chronic illnesses or other physical impairments that could give rise to health concerns go abroad
  4. Before the journey, if country-specific regulations, such as entry regulations as special vaccinations, require this
  5. Before taking part in an expedition, if the organizer requests proof of fitness. (see below)

When traveling with special climatic conditions or risk of infection, it is a legally regulated mandatory provision according to the labour protection law (ArbMedVV), i.e. your employer must send you for advice before you travel. However, you are not obliged to tolerate examinations, blood tests or vaccinations. The employer will not receive any further information apart from the confirmation of participation: No content of the advice, examinations or receipt of vaccinations will be passed on and no suitability will be certified.

Examinations and vaccinations according to entry regulations are voluntary, but the country concerned will refuse entry without a certificate. (Usually this is a compulsory yellow fever vaccination.)

Examinations before participating in an expedition are mandatory medical examinations. Suitability can not be certified, if the entire scope of examinations specified by the organizer, including any required blood withdrawals and vaccinations, is not tolerated.

In simple cases, especially in the case of repeated trips, an initial telephone consultation by the company doctor may be sufficient. Any further steps that may be necessary can then be agreed.

When is advice / precaution not necessary?

The risk assessment can also show that no further measures are necessary.

For trips, where only “normal” risks are involved, a me medical advice is not necessary. This generally applies to trips to large cities e.g. to congresses / meetings with living and dining in hotels with European standards. However, there might be exceptions, e.g. if there is a risk of malaria. Entry regulations must always be observed.

Appointments are coordinated and assigned by Department 09 (see box on the right for contact). Please register with sufficient lead time. Please send us the risk assessment in advance.

Expedition suitability
Expedition organizers sometimes require a medical suitability test. Their scope and the criteria to be applied are determined by the organizer. Most of the these examinations can be carried out at the University of Bremen (exceptions see below). Please note that a dental report is often required - we cannot do that professionally; please contact your dentist.

Appointments are coordinated and assigned by Department 09 (see box on the right for contact). Please register with sufficient lead time. Please send us the risk assessment in advance.

In the following cases we are unfortunately not allowed to help you:

Yellow fever vaccination: the yellow fever vaccination in the state of Bremen is carried out exclusively by the health department. Contact to make an appointment: Yellow fever vaccination center of the State of Bremen. All other travel vaccinations and prescriptions for travel-related medication such as malaria prophylaxis can be done as part of preventive occupational health care.

Fitness for sea service (MLC / STCW) according to MariMedV: German fitness for sea service may only be granted by a few approved doctors: List of approved doctors.
On many expedition trips, for example by the AWI or IODP, other aptitude tests are required, which we can and may carry out.


Entrance regulations Master of Geosciences

Admission regulations for the master's degree in "Geosciences" at the Faculty of Geosciences at the University of Bremen from January 22, 2014, corrected.

Entrance regulations Master of Marine Geosciences

Admission regulations for the master's degree in "Marine Geosciences" at the Faculty of Geosciences at the University of Bremen from January 22, 2014, corrected.

Reimbursement of expences

If, for whatsoever business re­a­sons, you had to pay in cash out of your own po­cket you shall be reim­bur­sed. Not all goods are eli­gi­b­le, howe­ver.

Any re­ce­ipt must be at­ta­ched in ori­gi­nal to the form to­ge­ther with the re­le­vant­ly ju­s­ti­fi­ca­ti­on.

Travel health insurance

The university recommends that travel participants take out international health insurance for business trips on ship research expeditions.

Although the university is not obliged to, the following insurance costs are covered for travel expense reports for ship research trips:
Foreign health insurance (max. 6 euros / year).


Bank information

Especially in non-German payment transactions, the MARUM bank information is sometimes requested; but: MARUM does not have its own bank account.

Please note: This information is only intended for proposals ans is not a substitute for an outgoing invoice!

The bank details are as follows:

Account holder: Lan­des­haupt­kas­se Bre­men
Address: Schil­ler­stras­se 22, 28195 Bre­men

Bankname: Deutsche Bundesbank, Geschäftsstelle: Hauptverwaltung in Bremen, Niedersachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt 
Address: Georgsplatz 5, 30159 Hannover
Swift: MARKDEF1250
IBAN: DE21 2500 0000 0025 1015 44 

VAT-no.: DE811245070 (US­t-I­D-Nr.)
Tax-no.: 460/​100/​05505


Child sickness benefit due to pandemic-related care

If you have to take child sickness days due to pandemic-related care, please send the following documents to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] AND in cc. to your functional manager:

• Certificate from the care facility - if requested by the health insurance
• Copy of the application submitted to the health insurance
• If issued by the health insurance, a certificate of granting the benefit

Please report to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] and contact your supervisor when you restart working.


Preventive occupational medical care/examination

If you are exposed to certain dangers and health risks in your job, you may be entitled - and your employer obligateed - to preventive occupational health care. The reasons are listed in the appendix of the ArbMedVV (see right); examples are noise or an increased risk of infection. The risk assessment form is the basis of the decision on preventional medical care.

During the check-up, your work situation and medical history will be discussed and, if necessary, technical or physical examinations will be carried out. Examinations, especially painful ones such as taking blood, are of course voluntary. The core of preventive care is the advice of the company doctor. If necessary, additional measures can be taken voluntarily, such as vaccinations. The prevention takes place in our practice, Bahnhofstr. 35.

If you have problems with screen work, you can take advantage of the preventive occupational health care "Screen work - G37". We examine your eyes and give you advice on everything to do with the workstation. We offer this examination in our rooms at the university.

Preventive occupational health care may be required when traveling abroad; more information can be found here.

You can also register for the preventive care of your choice outside of occupational health care, which the employer must provide as mandatory or optional preventive care.

Registration for the prevention, making appointments and maintaining the files is done by the Secretariat of Department 09:

Secretariat for occupational safety
Mrs. Steinhaus (Ref. 09)
Tel. (0421) 218-60234

Email: [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]

The pretention takes place during working hours, there are no costs for you as an employee. Of course, medical confidentiality also applies to preventive care; Regardless of the result, the employer only receives a confirmation of participation.

Other examinations / suitability

In addition to preventive occupational medicine, there are more reasons for an examination by the company doctor:

  • When dealing with radioactivity or radiation, for example, an annual examination is required by law.
  • When using dangerous equipment, such as forklifts, the employer can demand a medical examination of suitability according to trade association regulations.
  • If you drive a truck, you need a medical examination for your driver's license or its renewal. As occupational physicians, we are also allowed to carry out the eye examination.
  • For the suitability for polar/tropical and other expeditions, you can find information here.

For all of these aptitude tests, the content of the tests is specified and the company doctor can only issue the relevant certificate if you are involved in all steps of the test (a blood sample is usually included).

The examination takes place in our practice, Bahnhofstr. 35. It takes place within working hours, there are no costs for you as an employee.

Registration for the examination and appointments are made via the Secretariat of Unit 09, see above.

Inability to work / Sick leave


Trips abroad - preparations


Travel expenses (abroad)


Advanced training

The Senator of Finance (here: Department 33, Personnel Development) publishes an advanced training program every year, which is available here.

In addition to the AFZ's advanced training program, the University of Bremen offers seminars on personnel development for employees in administration and technology here.

Utility Management (GBT)

... anything's broken??

Registration of repair services via the Utility Management (Gebäudebetriebstechnik, GBT).

The corresponding application form is available here.


Procurement instructions

Basic rules for the procurement are set out in the procurement instructions of the chancellor of the University of Bremen.

See Procurement.


Gifts and rewards

The acceptance of gifts that are given “in relation to the office” are generally allowed. [...] Low-value courtesies (e.g. mass promotional items such as calendars, pens, writing pads) are tacitly approved to avoid unnecessary administrative work.

The administrative regulation on the acceptance of rewards and gifts of December 19, 2000 applies (Official Gazette of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen No. 4/2001 p. 25).

Company number

...of the University of Bremen is 20137459


Remuneration Statement

Each remuneration statement contains the characteristics on which the calculation and payment of the gross earnings are based (salary, pay group, family allowance, allowances, etc.). In addition to personal deductions, the remuneration notification shows the net remuneration due after withholding statutory fees (taxes, social security contributions). Changes can be identified by comparing the new statment with the last one received.

The current fees and time surcharges can be found in the statement of payments.

Fire safety regulations

Since 01.11.2018, there are updated fire protection regulations at the University of Bremen.

Important information when placing orders with external companies:
When placing orders with an external company, e.g. for welding work, repairs of devices / machines, etc., the purchaser must inform the external company about the fire protection regulations of the University of Bremen and the external company must confirm that they have read the rules of conduct with a signature on page 22 of the fire protection regulations. Work of the external company may only begin in / on the buildings of the University of Bremen, if the rules are signed.

Higher Education Act of Bremen

Announcement on the amendment of the Bremen University Act:


For reasons of property rights, no image material of any kind may be put online on the MARUM servers without having the appropriate, verifiable property or license rights for it.

Any unauthorized use of image material is a copyright infringement and will be prosecuted.


Corporate Identity MARUM



Thefts are always very annoyin, but fortunately very rare on the university campus.

If a bicycle or something goes missing, the thieves will try to sell it very quickly. it is worth taking action yourself and not just relying on the nearest police station. There, the notification will be stacked and will only be processed in a few days.

There is a bicycle investigation team at the Bremen Police, which you can contact directly at 0421-362-16118, -16125 and -16139, or [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]. More information is available here: Police Bremen


Corporate Design of the University of Bremen


Short business trip


Business trip and holidays


Travel expense report


Generating a new supplier


Rebooking of individual items


Third party funding decree

That is the "Regulation of the University of Bremen for the implementation of research projects with third-party funds according to § 74 Abs. 3 BremHG 1 (Third-Party Funding Regulations) of February 23, 2005."


The term e-invoice (also electronic invoice or X-invoice) describes an invoice that is not created and printed out on paper, but is created and transmitted electronically.

(To differentiate: an image file, a PDF file or a scanned paper invoice does not represent an e-invoice in this sense.)
The following information is directed to
1. Information for purchasers and reciepients of invoices
2. Information for suppliers / issuers of invoices
1. Information for purchasers and reciepients of invoices
  • Since November 27, 2020, the University of Bremen has been obliged to accept incoming invoices electronically as so-called e-invoices (electronic invoices or X-invoices). Paper invoices are still accepted.
  • Suppliers can send an e-invoice to the university or to MARUM only via Bremen’s e-invoice portal zERIKA. To do this, they have to register once at www.e-rechnung.bremen.de. There are several e-invoice formats. In Bremen, only the X-invoice format is recognized.
  • Important information for suppliers on the zERIKA registration process is available here (see below) or at e-rechnung.bremen.de.
  • The zERIKA portal is part of the Bremen state network and is not directly connected to the university network. For this reason, the invoices received on zERIKA for the university or for MARUM can only be transmitted to the university using a special auxiliary solution that was negotiated between the state of Bremen and the university.
  • As a result, the e-invoices received at the MARUM in PDF format have to be printed out in paper by the MARUM administration first, and then sent via internal mail to the respective purchasers / invoice recipients, until another technical solution is available.
  1. Information for suppliers / issuers of invoices
  • Since November 27, 2020, the University of Bremen has also been accepting incoming invoices electronically as so-called e-invoices (electronic invoices or X-invoices). Paper invoices are still accepted.
  • The e-invoices have to arrive to the university or MARUM via the Bremen e-billing portal zERIKA. A one-time registration of a service account by the supplier at e-rechnung.bremen.de is required.
  • The invoices have to be sent in the so-called Xinvoice-format
  • Suppliers have also the option of uploading Xinvoices to the Bremen state portal zERIKA via a manual web entry, by e-mail or via PEPPOL.
  • Important information for the delivery of Xinvoices via zERIKA:
    a) In the web version of zERIKA, the routing ID of the University of Bremen 04011000-270-26 has to be used.
    b) By e-mail to zERIKA to the following address: [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
    c) By PEPPOL as a service for bulk transactions to the address: 0204:04011000-270
  • IMPORTANT: The following information is essential for the correct allocation of the incoming e-invoices:
    - Order number (format: 10-digit starting with 3, 4 or 6)
    - Fund / financial center / asset number (format: 8 digits)
    - Name and area of ​​the purchaser or the recipient of the order.

Further information can be found at www.e-rechnung.bremen.de.


Compensation of delay: Trains

Compensation levels in local and long-distance transport:
delay of 60 minutes or more: 25 percent of the fare
delay of 120 minutes or more: 50 percent of the fare

More information is available here.




Electronic invoice


Parental leave

The application for parental leave is available online from the HR department.

It has to be signed by the employee as well as the functional manager and the MARUM administration management. Please forward it to department 2.

Information on parental allowance and parental leave is available from the BMFSFJ or in the linked documents.


The consulting includes both strategic acquisition and active assistance in preparing funding applications to the European Union, mostly to the General Directorate for Research & Innovation (DG R&I). Depending on the interests and experience of the researcher, tailor-made opportunities are identified and conveyed and supported until the application is submitted, possibly also during contract negotiations.

One focus is on applications for the European Research Council (ERC, Program Ideas)

ERC, Star­ting Grant (StG)
ERC, Con­so­li­da­tor Grant (CoG)
ERC, Ad­van­ced Grant (AdG)

Another focus is on the mobility program (People), especially for the segments:

Industry-Academia-Pathways and Partnerships (project-related exchange of personnel with business enterprises, more for advanced researchers)

Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships for PostDocs and Mobile Scientists (EIF, OIF, IIF): they are suitable both for coming to the Northwest as a visiting researcher as well as leaving it - temporarily if necessary.

You can find more information on Marie Skłodowska-Curie Scholarships here. Both programs will be continued in the new framework program Horizon 2020.

Contact at the University of Bremen:
Silke Reinold
Department 1 / SFG
Tel.: + 49-421-218-60326
E-mail: [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]


Expenses for breakfast and accomodation

The costs for breakfast during business travels have to be paid by the employee if they exceed a lump sum of 4.80 €. The deduction of breakfast costs exceeding 4.80 € can be avoided if the hotel bill is issued to the address of the University of Bremen:

University of Bremen
Title, Last name, First name
Leobener Straße 8
28359 Bremen


Declaration by the receiving institution

Employees, who raise their own personnel resources through individual DFG applications, require a so-called "Declaration from the receiving institution", which is signed by Department 2. DFG form 41.027 is available from the DFG, but also here.

Preparations for expeditions


Compensatory time-off

Under certain conditions, hours worked overtime can bei compensated. This must be clarified with your functional manager. A justification as well as corresponding documents (e.g. time sheets) must be attached to the application.

The form is available here.

Visiting scientits

MARUM and the University want to enable scientists, who are guests at the university / MARUM to use office and/or laboratory facilities as well as other MARUM infrastructure to carry out scientific work.

The accompanying agreement clarifies any questions that arise in this context, the mutual relationship, rights and obligations between the parties.

Also see Newcomer portal

Risk assessment business travels/working abroad

For all work-related trips abroad, the form Risk assessment (Gefährdungsbeurteilung Auslandstätigkeit, see right) has to be completed in advance of the trip. It is also a prerequisite for any necessary examinations by the medical officer.

Please do not send the sheet to Unit 23! The documents remain with the responsible person of your area.

To the right, you can find three samples to help you fill in the form.

GOLDESEL II (cash cow II, freely translated)

For EU projects (3170...), DFG individual grants, federal projects (4701...) etc., there is a very charming way of calculating account balances:

GOLDESEL is sent every 14 days and contains all incoming and outgoing payments done via SAP.

The application forms are available here.

House rules of the Unversity of Bremen

General house rules for buildings, rooms and the campus of the University of Bremen (valid from Sept. 4, 2018).

Contract of academic assistents (HiWi)

Just as any other personnel matter, the contract of academic assistants (German: wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte, "HiWi") is based on some personal data. The contact person is Ms. Bachur. The application form is available here.

Appendix 1: Declaration for the statement of compulsory social insurance and supplementary benefits.

Hours worked must be proven by so-called time sheets. The form for this is available here.

Fee for guest lectures

A lecture fee may be paid to the speaker for a lecture given as part of a colloquium.

This fee includes travel expenses. If there is also a hotel bill, this must be clearly noted.

IBAN Information



When planning and preparing for participation in expeditions and business trips abroad, special entry regulations for the respective countries must often be observed. In some cases, these require special compulsory vaccinations.

With regard to such compulsory vaccinations and also in the case of business trips or expeditions to countries with special climatic conditions or risk of infection, travelers must contact the company doctor due to a legally regulated mandatory preventive measures.

It is recommended that you contact the university's company doctor well in advance of the start of your journey, as soon as the start date is confirmed (Secretariat for Occupational Safety, Departement 09, Ms. Steinhaus, [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]). If the travelers have received documents from the chief scientist (AWI, IODP, ...) or from the organizer of the business trip or expedition, these must be sent to the company doctors by e-mail in advance of the examination date ([Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]).

The risk assessment, that is always required for business trips abroad, should filled in with the supervisor. (Link to the form here). The risk assessment must also be sent by e-mail to the company doctors in advance. Any vaccination requirements are recorded here. As part of a separate telephone appointment, the specific medical precautions for the traveler are discussed with the company doctor. The necessary vaccinations, possibly also the preventive measures (G35), will be carried out by the company doctor. See here.

Exception: yellow fever vaccination. In the state of Bremen, this vaccination is carried out exclusively by the public health department. Contact to make an appointment: Yellow fever vaccination center of the State of Bremen.

All other travel vaccinations and prescriptions for travel-related medication such as Malaria prophylaxis is prescribed by the company doctor as part of preventive occupational health care.

The employer pays the costs for the mandatory vaccinations at the company doctor.

Costs for vaccinations organized independently (e.g. by the family doctor) are not covered by the employer.

The risk assessment can also show that no further measures are necessary. Travel medical advice from the company doctor is not required for trips with “normal” travel risks only. This is generally valid for trips to large cities, e.g. for congresses or meetings with living and dining in hotels with European standards. However, there are exceptions, for example if there is a risk of malaria. The applicable entry regulations for the respective country of entry must always be observed.

Registration / appointment allocation

Appointments for a consultation / vaccination by the company doctor are coordinated and assigned by Departement 09. Please register in writing as early as possible for a check-up appointment at Departement 09, stating the last possible date for you before departure!

Secretariat for occupational safety
Ms. Steinhaus / Unit 09
Tel .: 0421 / 218-60234
E-mail: [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] 

Incentive Funds

As part of the "in­cen­ti­ve funds"...

(1) ... smal­ler pro­jects can be pro­mo­ted, more about that here:
MARUM „Incentive Funds“ proposal - guidelines for proposers

(2) ... MARUM can pro­vi­de funds to pu­blish pa­pers re­sul­ting from ex­cel­lent PhD pro­jects in in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly re­now­ned jour­nals. More about that here.


Internal service charges "Multicorer"

From December 10th, 2018, when submitting a ship application for the research vessels Meteor, Maria S. Merian, Polarstern and Sonne as well as for other smaller research vessels, please make sure the financing is based on the current charge rate per 1 tube of the Multicorer. This charge rate is currently EUR 73.66 per 1 pipe (as of Dec. 21, 2021). This means, that instead of listing the costs of expandable items for the multicorer, the required number of tubes in one multicorer, that is needed to carry out the scientific research project, has to be multriplied with the charge rate.

We would like to point out to the expedition leaders that the tubes belong to the Multicorer and must be back with the unit at the latest before the end of the expedition. This is the only way to ensure that the tubes are available for further missions with the Multicorer.

At the MARUM, the internal cost allocation was taken into account based on a calculation of the currently required expenses for financing 1 pipe in the multicorer. The aim of this measure is, that the approved funds are paid into an internal fund and future cost of consumables for the Multicorer will be paid from this internal fund. As the calculation of the charge rate is based on the current actual values, the rates are updated or adjusted annually.

Internal service charges "Schwerelot"

From December 10th, 2018, when submitting a ship application for the research vessels Meteor, Maria S. Merian, Polarstern and Sonne as well as for other smaller research vessels, please make sure the financing is based on the current charge rate per 1 m Schwerelotkern. This charge rate is currently EUR 185.20 per meter (as of Dec. 21, 2021). This means, that instead of listing the costs of expandable items for Schwerelotkerne, the required number meters, that are needed to carry out the scientific research project, has to be multriplied with the charge rate.

At the MARUM, the internal cost allocation was taken into account based on a calculation of the currently required expenses for financing 1 meter Schwerelotkern. The aim of this measure is, that the approved funds are paid into an internal fund and future cost of consumables will be paid from this internal fund. As the calculation of the charge rate is based on the current actual values, the rates are updated or adjusted annually.


There is an offer for employees of the public service in Bremen, to use the public transport with some discount: You can purchase a VBN-ticket with a validity of 12 months and a reduction of 30%.

For more information check to the right.


Notification of repair services throug the technical building service (GBT) can be found here.


Core working hours

Frame time

The frame time defines the defines the time frame for providing daily working hours:

Monday-Friday: 6 a.m.-8 p.m.Saturday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m

In the frame of flexible working hours, working on a saturday is generally possible for a maximum of 4 hours weekly. Working on saturdays hast to to be agreed between staff member and superior, taking operational issues into account. Saturday work within the scope of this regulation is only to be carried out voluntarily by the employees.Section 16 (1) BAT remains unaffected.

Core time

The core time defines the time frame for compulsory attendance, which applies to all full-time employees, unless otherwise regulated in the roster and opening times do not conflict.

Monday to Thursday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

This information ist taken from the agreement on working hours at the University of Bremen and originates from the following document:

Account assignment


Health insurance for business trips abroad


Account information


Sick note

Attention: New sickness notification procedure since 1.1.23:
With the introduction of the electronic certificate of incapacity for work (AU), this is sent directly from the doctor's practice to the respective health insurance. The university needs various data in order to query the AU with the health insurance companies. Please therefore inform us whether the sickness certificate was issued electronically or in paper form, the date of the doctor's visit and the duration of the incapacity for work. We kindly ask the employees to send the completed form (see right) together with the sickness notification (and also the health notification) to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript].

Exception: In the case of privately insured employees, certificates of incapacity for work from abroad, other certificates of incapacity for work (private doctors, child sick, gradual reintegration, rehabilitation services, employment ban), the previous procedure and the obligation of employees to submit them will remain in force after 1 January 2023. However, the new internal university reporting procedure for incapacity for work also applies here.

In the event of in­ca­pa­city to work please in­form the MARUM ad­min­is­tra­tion by e-mail [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] im­me­di­ately - at the latest by 10 a.m. - AND your su­per­visor about your ill­ness and the ex­pec­ted dur­a­tion of the ill­ness preferably with the completed Krank-/Gesundmeldeformular (see form on the right)

A med­ical cer­ti­fic­ate must be avail­able no later than the fourth day of in­ca­pa­city for work. This in­cludes week­end days and pub­lic hol­i­days (see dia­gram on the right). If you receive a paper copy of the cer­ti­fic­ate you can sub­mit it elec­tron­ic­ally to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript].

IM­PORT­ANT: Please in­form the MARUM ad­min­is­tra­tion ([Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]) when you are well again and preferably with the Gesundmeldeformular. This is im­port­ant so that you do not con­tinue to be treated as sick, which could ul­ti­mately lead to the sus­pen­sion of your paycheck.

Also to be considered as a start of work are: Days spent in “homeoffice” after illness, vacation leave taken after illness, or following child-sick days.

Early starts are not permitted. Even if this is possible in principle, the employer has to permit early entry into service; the employer is subject to its duty of care here, and the employer would also be obligated to a claim for damages (in particular regarding third parties) in the event of a possible accident at work. Even though there are different risks due to the different work situations (laboratory activities, teaching, administrative activities, crafts), the University of Bremen has decided not to differentiate between them and has adopted a uniform regulation for all employees.

Reimbursement of vacation days will only be made upon presentation of a doctor's certificate. This is done automatically by the sickness processing department as soon as a certificate is available (an additional notification to Mr. Elfers (vacation processing department) is not necessary.

For rehabilitation measures, the following documents must be submitted to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] or Britta Schilder: Approval from the funding agency, invitation letter from the rehab clinic, possible extension letter from the rehab clinic, discharge certificate.

For hospitalizations, please submit the following documents to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]: A certificate of hospitalisation for the duration of the hospital stay preferably with the completed Krank-/Gesundmeldeformular.

The so-called child-sick days must also be reported to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] preferably with the completed Krank-/Gesundmeldeformular. For the child sick days, a scan of a doctor's certificate is required.

Further information on the subject of illness can be found on the homepage of Department 2: Notification of illness - University of Bremen (uni-bremen.de) / Krankmeldungen - Universität Bremen (uni-bremen.de)

Laboratory regulations

The directions in this regulation are valid for all laboratories of the University of Bremen. All lab personell is obligated to read and confirm understanding of the regulations prior to start working. The confirmation has to be done written and to be kept in the responsable area.

Stock withdrawl

You can find the new electronic Excel order forms on the "Chemical warehouse" and "Central warehouse" page or to the right on this page.

A login to the employee portal is necessary.

Current lists of items in stock are included in the withdrawal notes.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please call the hotline 60099.

Le­gal En­t­i­ty Form

For project application, you often need the legal form of the institution.

The University of Bremen is a corporation of public law (German: Kör­per­schaft Öffent­li­chen Rechts).

The required documents are:

1. Founding document - Law Gazette of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, No. 30 of September 22, 1970


2. Declaration by the University of Bremen regarding the above Facts

(see to the right)

Rental car

Generally, vehicles are rented online via our service partner Egencia.

More information can be found on the site of our department for travel expenses.

If you want to rent from another company:

If you book another rate and not via Egencia, the assumption of costs / payment of the invoice is subject to special conditions:

1. the rental vehicle including all fees is not more expensive than a comparable vehicle from Egencia


2. there are special reasons for booking a different rate or outside Egencia

The comparable offer from Egencia as well as a reason (see paragraphs 1 and 2 above) must be attached to the travel request / travel expense report.


Delivery address of MARUM

Some suppliers have difficulties to find the MARUM building. The sketch to the right may be helpful.

Supplier, new

If you have a new supplier, his data has to be set up in SAP. Check here for the necessary forms.


Funding for Publications

Within the framework of the MARUM Incentive Funds, above-average doctoral projects can be funded with the aim of publishing them in recognized international journals.

The application requirements can be found here.

MARUM Ex­ternship

MARUM promotes close cooperation between international research groups. The prerequisites and requirements are described here.

Marum Incentive Applications


Employee-supervisor interview

The employee-supervisor interview is an essential tool in personnel development.

It is a planned, content-wise prepared and confidential conversation between superiors and employees that should take place regularly.

The aim of the conversation is to use an open and transparent communication structure to discuss topics such as:

• Work content and processes
• Leadership and collaboration
• Personal and professional development

A short guide has been developed for the employee-supervisor interview that provides practical tips and assistance. In addition to comprehensive information on the interview, the guide includes a checklist to prepare for the interview and a form to document for the results of the interview.

"Multicorer" internal service charge

Maternity Protection Act

Information about the Maternity Protection Act can be found here and to the right.

Secondary Employments

Secondary employments have to be announced and approved. All information about the topic and the application form can be found here.


"New­co­mer Por­tal" for guest sci­en­tists

Any guest sci­en­tist co­m­ing to Bre­men (Ger­ma­ny) has to ful­fill some ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­ve ob­li­ga­ti­ons, which are not al­ways ob­vious. Re­cent­ly, the so-cal­led "New­co­mer Por­tal" was laun­ched, which gi­ves pret­ty com­pre­hen­si­ve in­for­ma­ti­on about

- visa and entran­ce for­ma­li­ties
- ac­co­mo­da­ti­on
- health
- live and lei­su­re time in Bre­men
- etc.

Log­in re­qui­red!



In science, trust is based on and depends on the sincerity of all members of the scientific community. However, now and then there are reports on scientific misconduct. But what are the rules of good scientific practice?

The MARUM ombudsperson is a university professor who supports MARUM and GLOMAR scientists in resolving possible conflicts.

The MARUM ombudsperson serves as the contact person for

- compliance with the rules of good scientific practice
- the moderation of possible conflicts in the graduate education

The rector of the University of Bremen appointed Prof. Dr. Rita Groß-Hardt as ombudsperson.

If you would like assistance in resolving a conflict, you can contact Ms. Groß-Hardt by e-mail: [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript].


Order of third-party-funds

That's the "Order of the University of Bremen for the execution of research projects financed by means of third partys according to § 74 paragraph 3 BremHG1 (order of third-party-funds)) as of February 23, 2005".

See Third party funding decree.


Performa Nord remuneration note

For those interested in dealing with the details of their remuneration note, a model can be found here.


Employee selection scientific assistants

At the University of Bremen, all positions must be advertised (except for employments during the year, e.g. manuscript graduation funding).

For reasons of transparency and equality, all personnel selection procedures should be briefly documented by the project managers.

A guideline for th documentation can be found here.

Personell costs

For different reasons, there is repeatedly an interest in personell costs.

The personnel funding rates of the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the year 2020 for the TV-L give a good overview. In reality, these gross employer rates will differ from the common rates.


According to instruction No. 21 of December 27, 1994, the service of the central mailroom may not be used for private purposes.

Work placement regulations bachelor degree course "Geosciences"

Work placement regulations for the internship in the bachelor's degree course "Geosciences" at the Geosciences Department of the University of Bremen of July 26, 2006 (Official Bulletin of the University of Bremen of March 2009 No. 4: page 545 ff.).

Frame contracts of procurement




Rules of good scientific practice

Scientists and their employees are obliged to adhere to the rules of ensuring good scientific practice and to behave in an exemplary manner. You are also obliged to teach students, doctoral candidates and other employees the principles of good scientific practice.

Guidelines to ensure Good Scientific Practice and prevent scientific misconduct at MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences of the University of Bremen

Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice

(Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)

Ordnung zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis

(University of Bremen, only available in German)


Scientific misconduct

If you are affected by a case of scientific misconduct or if you become aware of such a case, you can contact the MARUM ombudsperson if necessary.

Rules of Procedure for dealing with scientific misconduct



Travel application

Tra­vel for busi­ness re­a­sons usual­ly fol­lows a cle­ar stra­te­gy:

(1) two weeks pri­or to the out­bound jour­ney the Re­quest for Permission of a Business Journey must ar­ri­ve at the De­part­ment for Tra­vel Is­su­es (De­zer­nat 3, Rei­se­kos­ten­stel­le);

(2) right af­ter the end of the re­turn jour­ney, plea­se pre­pa­re yourTravel Expenses Report that must ar­ri­ve at la­test six months af­ter the end of your jour­ney at the De­part­ment for Tra­vel Is­su­es (De­zer­nat 3, Rei­se­kos­ten­stel­le) - in any other case the right for reim­bur­se­ment shall be ex­pi­red;

(1)(b) Many of you - but not all - will have the right to re­quest ad­van­ced pay­ment. To make use of this pos­si­bi­li­ty, plea­se sub­mit the Travel Expenses Advanced Payment Request form to­ge­ther with the Request for Permission of a Business Journey- both in ori­gi­nal.

If, howe­ver, you tra­vel on MARUM bud­gets (Re­se­arch Cen­ter or Clus­ter of Ex­cel­lence or GLO­MAR or IN­TER­CO­AST), plea­se sub­mit any of the above men­tio­ned do­cu­ments di­rect­ly to our in­hou­se ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on's at­ten­ti­on.

In any case, plea­se con­sider the Ge­ne­ral Con­di­ti­ons/​Laws for Tra­vel Costs/​Tra­vel Po­li­cies of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bre­men, va­lid at the time of your tra­vel ap­p­li­cat­lon. You will find them eit­her at the De­part­ment for Tra­vel Is­su­es (De­zer­nat 3, Rei­se­kos­ten­stel­le) in hard copy or at the De­zer­nat 3 home­page (https://www.uni-bremen.de/de/intern/personal/dienstreisen/).

Travel expenses law

See BremRKG.


Senator of finance circular

The circulars from the Senator of Finance are published at irregular intervals and distributed to the departments. This electronic notice is only intended to give an overview of the topics.

to the circulars


Plan of nominal accounts


MARUM Statute

The statutes of the central scientific institution "MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences" have been published in the official bulletin of the University of Bremen.

Language tandem

In a language tandem, two people with different mother tongues meet to improve their knowledge of the other language. Since the whole thing happens reciprocally, both tandem partners benefit from it. More information is available here.


Pregnan­cy - Check List

In case of pregnan­cy, this list may help you to con­sider your rights and ob­li­ga­ti­ons as an em­ployee.

"Schwerelot" internal service charges

Special leave

Special leave can be granted under certain conditions. This must be clarified with the supervisor. A justification as well as corresponding documents must be attached to the application.

The application form is available here.

Tax key


V.A.T. Register No.

Especially for payments outside Germany, the MARUM bank details are sometimes requested. But, the MARUM doesn't have it's own account (see bank information).

For orders made from other european countries, the suppliers usually need the V.A.T. number, which is DE811 245 070. You can also find it on the SAP-orders as Ust-Ident-Nr.


Time sheet (HiWi)




Daily allowance


Participation fees

Participation fees that WE collect for scientific events are generally not subject to sales tax if they are used to finance event costs in the narrower sense.

However, the part of the participation fees that is used to finance ancillary services (entertainment, catering, accompanying program, etc.) is subject to sales tax.



At the Marum, a voice over IP system is operated. The hotline for problems is 69818, e-mail [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript].

Further useful information can be found here.

Person in charge: Martin Krogmann, 65691.


Tutor declaration

This form is required for recruitment and asks for previous employment and information about the doctoral period.

Collective agreement (TV-L)

The collective agreement for the public service of the federal states (TV-L) is the collective agreement valid since November 1, 2006 for the employees of 15 of the 16 German federal states. It replaces the previously valid, different collective agreements for salaried employees (BAT) and workers (MTArb).

In terms of content, the TV-L is largely identical to the collective agreement for the public service (TVöD) that came into force around a year earlier and regulates the collective bargaining conditions at the federal and local levels.

See also here.

Hotel- and breakfast costs


Working overtime

MARUM employees can be ordered to work overtime in their usual business (such as sea expeditions).

Depending on the tariff group (workers, civil servants, technical employees, scientific employees), these overtime hours are compensated financially or in monetary benefits.

The form for the overtime order is available here:

Nota bene: A maximum of 234 hours of overtime may be worked within 6 calendar months.

Nota bene: Since January 1st, 2012, the agreement on the payment of performance bonuses for special achievements on research expeditions at seahas been in effect. It rewards special achievements by paying individual performance bonuses or granting additional days off.

Nota bene: An average of 30 overtime hours are paid per week.

Nota bene: Overtime on research vessel voyages accrues from the day of departure to the day of entry at the port. Delayed departure / arrival has an effect on the number of overtime hours ordered!

Nota bene: an overtime statement must be signed by the employee and the leader of the expedition (if by the University of Bremen, otherwise by the supervisor).

Nota bene: The overtime billing is submitted via the (MARUM) administration.

Nota bene: Free time compensation can be granted under certain conditions https://www.marum.de/Service/Verwaltung-2.html#section133

Find to the right a document for accounting for working hours and overtime.


Du­ring se­ago­ing ex­pe­di­ti­ons the contrac­tu­al working time of 39.2 hours per week so­me­ti­mes is ex­cee­ded. Plea­se, in­form the MARUM ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on if you in­tend to join an ex­pe­di­ti­on in or­der to file for over­ti­me. Whe­ther the over­ti­me will be reim­bur­sed in cash or/​and in kind/"​in time" de­pends on your sta­tus (tech­ni­ci­an, sci­en­tist, func­tio­na­ry, sala­ried, etc.).

A ma­xi­mum num­ber of 30h over­ti­me per week can be reim­bur­sed in cash.

A ma­xi­mum of 234h over­ti­me per 6 months are le­gal­ly ad­mis­si­ble.

In cash/"​in time" reim­bur­se­ment is avail­able upon re­porting only. Any do­cu­ment must pass through the MARUM ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on.

Rebooking of single assets


Rebooking of various assets


Rebooking of student assistants




Accident notification

A work accident must be reported immediately. the completed and signed accident reports have to be submitted to the administrative management, which then gets in touch with Unit 02 - Occupational, Health and Environmental Protection.

The respective form for employees and students with general explanations is available here.

Accident insurance on research expeditions

The university recommends all participants to take out an accident insurance for business and private purposes on ship research trips.

Although the university is not obliged to, the following insurance costs are covered for travel expense reports for ship research trips:
Accident insurance for business and private purposes / partial assumption of costs for the duration of the trip (max. 8.16 euros per month).

Accident insurances are typically taken out for one year. The difference to the amount of the annual insurance at the end of a year is borne by the insured themselves.


Accident protection for students

According to Section 2 (1) of the Social Code VII, all properly enrolled students are legally insured against accidents during their education and training at universities, provided that their main occupation can be proven to be their studies.


All employees are entitled to holiday leaves with continued payment of wage in each calendar year. This is regulated in the respective framework collective agreement.

The vacation application is available here.

Holiday and business trips


Holidays during probation period

Holidays during the probation period can be granted. Employees agree to reimburse any overpaid holiday allowance if the employment relationship is terminated before the end of the waiting period.

The agreement between the employer and the employee can be found here.



VBL compulsory insurance

According to the VBL statutes, reimbursement of contributions can be requested. The VBL statutes in their 26th amendment are available here:

The application for reimbursement is available here:

Employees with a scientific [...] activity who are hired for a fixed-term employment [...] are to be exempted from the obligation to take out insurance upon their written application. The application can only be submitted within two months of the start of the employment relationship.
(26th amendment to the Articles of Association, § 28, paragraph 1), exceptions to the Insurance Obligation.

Please clarify with the HR department.

Agreement "research expedition at sea"


Capital-forming payments

Salaried employees receive a monthly captial-forming benefit of EUR 6.65. Part-time employees receive a correspondingly reduced benefit.


Insurance for business trips abroad


Federal and State Pension Fund


Delay reimbursement Deutsche Bahn (train tickets)


VoIP (Voice over IP)


Product group plan


Reimbursement of interview costs

Costs for interviews can be refunded with this form.

Welcome information

In this web page we collec­ted some in­for­ma­ti­on that might be use­ful for your smooth start, be it as PhD stu­dent or as post­doc. We tried to sum­ma­ri­ze some of the most im­portant in­for­ma­ti­on to make the be­gin­ning for you as easy as pos­si­ble.


Welcome centre of the University of Bremen

Re­gu­lar of­fice hours are: Mo & Thu 10-12, Wed 14-16.

Jan­na Rodi
Uni­ver­si­tät Bre­men
En­ri­que-Schmidt-Str. 7
SFG 3290
28359 Bre­men

Tel: +49 421 - 218 60382
Fax: +49 421 - 218 60370


Law of fixed-term contracts for scientists

Due to the special financing situation in the scientific field, there are disproportionately high numbers of fixed-term employment contracts. An attempt was made to regulate a formerly legally unsatisfactory situation in the so-called "law on fixed-term employment contracts in science" (German: Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz - WissZeit VG).

The legal text can be found here.