Sea Level change

  • Paleo sea levels

    Measuring markers of paleo sea levels during warmer interglacials.
    Argentina, Patagonia, 2014
  • Coastal Changes

    Measuring the impact of swells using drones and photogrammetry.
    Italy, Liguria, 2014
  • Field geology

    Precise measurements of RSL markers
    Italy, Pianosa Island, 2014
  • Sea level database

    Online databases of published sea level markers
    Rovere et. al., QSR, 2013
  • Surf zone studies

    Deploying pressure transducers in the surf zone, Mallorca (W. Med), Winter 2015
  • Paleo sea level changes

    Last Interglacial shorelines, Mallorca, W. Med.

Junior research Group 'Sea Level and Coastal Changes'

The sea level and coastal changes group at MARUM, University of Bremen and ZMT is a research group focussing on coastal environments and their evolution at different time and spatial scales. The group is active mostly in the study of paleo sea levels from different periods, from Holocene to Pliocene, and in the resesearch on the dynamics of modern coastal environments. The group also collaborates with ecologists to investigate the link between ecological processes and geomorphology at different time scales.

The group is funded by Institutional Strategy of the University of Bremen, funded by the German Excellence Initiative and by ZMT, the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology.

Group leader

Dr. Alessio Rovere


+49  421 218 - 65771

PhD students

Bender, Maren+49  421 218 - 65769FVG-Ost
Lorscheid, Thomas+49  421 218 - 65769FVG-Ost

Leibniz ZMT

Dr. Eng. Elisa Casella, Postdoctoral researcher

Former group members

  • Nov 2014 – Dec 2016 Dr. Daniel Harris, Postdoctoral researcher. Hydrodynamics in coral reefs and sea level changes. Now lecturer at the University of Queensland.
  • Nov 2015 – Nov 2016 Alexander Janßen, research assistant. GIS and databases of paleo sea level changes. Now professional geologist