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Sonne Transit

RV Sonne Transit

Project: Ausmaß und Struktur der kryptischen Diversität in Morphotaxa planktonischer Foraminiferen des Indo-Pazifischen Warm Pools (DipFIP) [Degree and Structure of cryptic diversity in morphotaxa of planktonic Foraminifera of the Indo-Pacific warm pool]

Date: 2013-03-03–2013-03-29

Since the reconstruction and modelling of bio-geochemical cycles on the basis of taxonomic assemblages is heavily dependent on the reliability of existing taxonomical concepts, cryptic speciation and its impact on biodiversity is a severe problem. In micropalaeontology, we can use planktonic foraminifera as models for the magnitude and structure of genetic diversity across a whole ecological group of organisms. Previous results have shown, that the bio-geographical distribution of genotypes amongst recent foraminifera is significantly different from the pattern observable in morphological studies.

The aim of this research cruise is to investigate the genetic diversity in the Indo-Pacific realm, and to understand the pattern that governs the distribution of those genotypes along a transect through the Indo-Pacific warm pool. The position of the transect (Fig. 1) allows us to include the Indonesian Passageway into our studies, which is the main way for faunal exchange between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Special emphasis will be given to the phenomenon of the preference for different ecological niches of closely related morphotypes. This will be useful for a better understanding of the factors controlling genetic diversity, population dynamics, and distribution of genotypes in that region.
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Prof. Michal Kucera


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MARUM II, 2040

Fig. 1 Cruisetrack of the RV Sonne Transit cruise DipFIP from New Zealand to Taiwan.