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RV METEOR M67 2a / 2b - 14.03. - 25.04.2006


The METEOR expedition 67 starts on 20th February 2006 in Talcahuano / Chile after two months in the shipyard. It is planned to conduct research in two main areas by two different research groups: one working of the coast of Chile (M 67/1) and another in the Gulf of Mexico (M 67/2). In both regions research will be carried out to study processes related to the seepage of methane-rich fluids. In total, the transit will cover more than 6600 nautical miles to the port of Bridgetown / Barbados scheduled at 24th April 2006.

M67 Cruise track

Cruise track of METEOR M67

METEOR in Tampico Port

RV METEOR in Tampico Port

Deploying ROV QUEST

Deploying ROV QUEST