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Photo Impressions

Photos taken by Kristian Lass and Ulrike Holzwarth

Harbour Cruise

Icebreaker at ZMT

Welcome by the coordinators

Welcome by Prof. Dr. Monika Rhein

William Brocas presenting MARUM

Rasoul Yousefpour presenting CliSAP

Edmund Meredith presenting Future Ocean

Science Slam Presentation by Hannah Brocke

Keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Victor Smetacek

Reginal session

Keynote lecture by Dr. Maja Schlüter

MARUM PR activities

MARUM technology

MARUM core repository

Marine sediment cores

Poster session

Twin talk I

Keynote by Prof. Dr. Caroline Robertson-von Trotha

Old School presentation

Panel discussion on Scientific Networks

Conference Dinner at NW1

Twin talk II

Non-linear presentation

Closing remarks by Prof. Dr. Dierk Hebbeln