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RV Maria S. Merian, cruise MSM 38

May 07 - June 05, 2014, Cadiz/Spain – St. John's/Canada

NA-LINK I - Linking past and present in the North Atlantic

The focus of cruise MSM 38 is on investigating the variability in the formation and spreading of North Atlantic Deep Water as well as on assessing the strength and respective variations of the large-scale oceanic circulation. Planned activities will be carried out with regard to linking methods and data of palaeo-oceanographic and modern physical oceanographic origin.

The aim is to extend existing instrumental records into the past, thus allowing to analyze and establish connections between the changes in the strength of the subpolar gyre, the formation of deep water components and the large-scale Atlantic meridional over-turning circulation. As such, cruise MSM 38 is closely linked to the subsequent cruise MSM 39, dedicated to palaeo-oceanographic objectives on geological time scales, while MSM 38 addresses processes on modern interannual to decadal time scales.

The regional focus is on the western subpolar North Atlantic, where ship-based and mooring-derived measurements will be carried out. Already existing time series partly dating back to the 1990s and beyond are thus tied in.
Vorläufige Reiseroute und beabsichtigte Feldarbeiten während MSM-38

Preliminary track of cruise MSM-38 and intended field activities

Logo der Reise MSM-38 mit FS Maria S. Merian

Chief Scientist

Dr. Dagmar Kieke
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Further contact

Prof. Dr. Monika Rhein
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FS Maria S. Merian

Photo: D. Kieke

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