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RV Poseidon P451-2

"From cruise organisation to marine geological sampling"

Shipboard training for PhD students on RV Poseidon in the Gulf of Cádiz, Spain
◊ 24. April - 01. May 2013
◊ Portimao - Lisbon (Portugal)
◊ Gulf of Cádiz

Chief Scientist


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Cruise Report


R/V Poseidon cruise P451-2, organised by MARUM (Bremen), offered MARUM-GLOMAR PhD-students a unique opportunity to receive specialist, hands-on training in a shipboard research environment. The P451-2 cruise was scheduled for the 23 April (port of embarkation: Portimao) to 1 May 2013 (port of disembarkation: Lisbon) aboard the German R/V Poseidon. The working area of the expedition was situated in the Spanish part of the Gulf of Cádiz, where seabed structures build up or colonised by cold-water corals were the main study targets.
Conventional sediment sampling gears were deployed such as a giant box corer and Van-Veen grab sampler to collect surface samples, and a gravity corer to retrieve long sediment sequences. The main objective of the practical course was to learn the basic principles of the workflow onboard a research vessel, the handling of sampling gears, the preparation of sediment samples, and finally their description and documentation. In addition, the students contributed to the cruise report and they prepared a daily cruise blog for the public audience which will be published on the MARUM webpage.

Study Area

Foam Cup Experiment

Via this ship’s log the School class 1b of the elementary school "Baumschulenweg" in Bremen followed the scientists on expedition, they asked questions, and they actually contributed with an own experiment to the expedition. The painted foam cups, which were deployed during the cruise to a water depth of ~550m, to show the effect of high pressure in the deep sea.

Class 1b