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Theme 1: Dynamic Earth – from the interior to the surface

(Cornelia Spiegel, Anke Friedrich, Birgit Terhorst)

Theme 2. Magmatic and metamorphic systems

(Wolfgang Bach, Francois Holtz, Gerhard Wörner)

Theme 3: Geosphere-biosphere-interactions

(Jörn Peckmann, Joachim Reitner, Kai-Uwe Hinrichs)

Theme 4: Solid-liquid-interface reactions

(Andreas Lüttge, Torsten Stumpf, Falko Langenhorst)

Theme 5: Earth history and global change

(Simone Kasemann, Michal Kucera, Thomas Westerhold)

Theme 6: Early Earth and evolution of planets

(Stefan Weyer, Torsten Kleine, Carsten Münker)

Theme 7: Sedimentary systems

(Rüdiger Henrich, Hilmar von Eynatten, Maria Mutti, Harald Stollhofen)

Theme 8: Energy, materials, resources

(Christoph Berthold, Reiner Klemd, Ralf Littke)

Theme 9: Archaeometry and outreach

(Lutz Hecht, Gerold Wefer)

Theme 10: Open session

(Wolfgang Bach, Andreas Lüttge, Gerold Wefer)