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Scientific program

The conference program comprises a range of themes, each of which will host several sessions (oral and poster) with keynote lectures, as well as plenary lectures, workshops, and field trips.

Conference schedule

24 September   Icebreaker & board meetings & Workshop
25 - 27 September    Scientific sessions
25 September    Opening & members' assembly & reception
26 September     Conference Dinner & members' assembly
28 - 29 September    Field trips & Workshop


Scientific Themes

  • Dynamic Earth – from the interior to the surface
  • Magmatic and metamorphic systems
  • Geosphere-biosphere-interactions
  • Solid-liquid-interface reactions
  • Earth history and global change
  • Early Earth and evolution of planets
  • Sedimentary systems
  • Energy, materials, resources
  • Archaeometry and outreach
  • Open session

Plenary lectures

Lecturer Topic
Prof. Dr. Helmut Cölfen (University of Konstanz) Nanoscience / Crystallization
Prof. Dr. Todd Ehlers (University of Tübingen) Neotectonics
Prof. Dr. Sean P.S. Gulick (University of Texas, USA) Hazards / Impact
Dr. Susan Humphris (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA) Seafloor processes
Prof. Dr. Martin van Kranendonk (University of Sydney, Australia)
(sponsored by DFG SPP-1833)
Pilbara / Early life



Tropical coral archives – Reconstructions of climate and environment beyond the
instrumental record at society-relevant timescales
Thomas Felis (MARUM, University of Bremen), Miriam Pfeiffer (RWTH Aachen University), Jens Zinke (FU Berlin)
One day: Thursday, Sept 28, 9 am  5 pm, room MARUM 2070

Introduction to thermodynamic modeling with Theriak-Domino software.
Erik Duesterhoeft (University of Kiel) & Romain Bousquet (University of Kiel)
One day: Sunday, Sept 24, 9 am  5 pm, Geo building, room 1490